HPE OneView License

Utilizing the range of software features available through an HP license can significantly enhance your operational efficiency and management capabilities. One such potent tool at your disposal is the HPE OneView software. This platform facilitates streamlined infrastructure management, allowing you to automate processes, optimize resource allocation, and manage your systems with a unified interface.

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Leveraging HP OneView License not only simplifies administrative tasks but also empowers you with insightful analytics and a comprehensive overview of your hardware environment, thereby fostering a more responsive and agile IT landscape.

Using HP Oneview software License, you can use a centralized console to monitor the status of the entire network, including servers and storage equipment. As you may know, in recent years this software has replaced the “HP System Insight Manager” software. Note that to activate various functions on the HPE OneView License, specific HP License types would be required.

History of HP Oneview Software

HP OneView License, a product of four years of research in network management and monitoring, was crafted with the insights and feedback from 30 large HP customers, embodying a customer-centric development approach. Officially launched at the “HP Discover” conference in 2013, the software brought a new dimension to network management, enabling the monitoring of network device health, facilitating the grouping of servers, and tracking communication statuses between them.

This initiative by HP was a significant step in offering a tool that was finely tuned to meet the specific needs and suggestions of its substantial customer base, providing a solution that was both innovative and responsive to user demands.

Since its inception in 2013, HPE OneView has undergone a series of evolutions to enhance data center operations significantly. The platform, initially a part of HP’s hardware solutions, expanded its horizons to support third-party systems, adapting to the needs of hybrid IT environments. Over the years, it introduced a range of functionalities, including a template-driven approach to infrastructure management, promoting a software-defined infrastructure.

The recent focus has been on integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer predictive analytics and intelligent automation, alongside bolstering security features. As of 2021, efforts were underway to enhance its sustainability features, with a forward-looking approach to embracing emerging technologies, ensuring its position as a frontrunner in IT management solutions.

HP OneView License Features

HPE OneView software is a virtual machine and does not depend on a specific operating system. The benefits that this software offers to the network are as follows:

  1. Reduce IT costs
  2. Manage firmware and update them
  3. View the health status of devices in the network
  4. Manage Blade Enclosures and logical communication between servers
  5. Draw a connection map of servers and their equipment with each other
  6. Ability to group servers and create different and custom profiles for them
  7. Open source software that makes it easy to integrate with other software in the field of network management
  8. Centralized and integrated management console, also simplifies and automates IT tasks in organizations
  9. Powerful search ability to find servers
  10. This program manages the server life cycle.
  11. Tight integration with HP products that facilitates and accelerates expansion.
  12. Supports the RESTful API and allows a message bus to write scripts to automate tasks and integrate with third-party tools and devices.
  13. Provides access to software development kits, Windows PowerShell, and Python libraries.
  14. Supports virtualization.
  15. By providing this software, it is possible to receive server profiles and create templates through which it is possible to provide storage, computing and network space in the future.
  16. Easy integration with other converged management tools including VMware, Microsoft and Red Hat products.
  17. View all data center resources and how to connect them through one page
  18. User interface features that are similar to popular commercial applications

HPE OneView License Dashboard Page

Automation with HP OneView

HP OneView software automates your infrastructure, making it easy to get things done and speeds up software and hardware services. Because this software has software-oriented intelligence, it can provide a new level of automation for managing your infrastructure.

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Based on its modern and unique architecture, HP OneView can greatly speed up IT services. This software can also prevent downtime in a practical way through software and template-based solutions. This software can be very useful and help in data centers that have a large number of devices, or data centers that have 24-hour management, or data centers that need maximum uptime and infrastructure management to cover servers and networking.

HP OneView’s Infrastructure Revolution

With HP OneView, you can experience up to 70% less downtime, up to 65% faster server implementation time, and up to 45% faster storage implementation time. HP OneView also saves time by acting as an automation bridge in a network that performs infrastructure configuration and management tasks. HP OneView License has the following features:

  1. Converged: Manages computing, storage, and networking, and also reduces learning, management, execution, and integration tools by 50%.
  2. Software-oriented: Implements and manages the infrastructure in the right way, using the best mode in templates.

This Converged management platform provides powerful software-driven processing templates for automated infrastructure configuration and implementation, while also boosting monitoring and infrastructure health. HP OneView integrates with existing enterprise management tools such as VMware VCenter Server and Microsoft System Center for more efficient operations (saving time and money). It should be noted that the HP OneView license includes the right to use HP Insight Control.

HP OneView and the Evolution of Server Management

Since the latter part of 2014, HP OneView License has been integrated with both the 8th and 9th generation BL and DL ProLiant servers, operating in tandem with other supportive software such as HP Insight Control and Systems Insight Manager. While it initially coexisted with HP Insight Control, Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager, and SIM, it is strategically positioned to progressively phase out these solutions. This transition underscores HP’s strategy to centralize its server management offerings through the enhanced capabilities of OneView. The initiative represents a forward-thinking approach, steering towards a unified, modernized server management ecosystem.

HP OneView Reports

Leverage the HPE OneView dashboard, a central element of the HP OneView Software License suite, to streamline your data center infrastructure management. This solution offers architectural design capabilities for rack layouts, setting it apart from competing products.

Enhance operational engagement through graphical representation of statistical analyses. The tool precisely delineates server installations and fosters seamless collaboration with on-site support teams. Utilizing this platform promotes a synchronized operational environment. Its analytical prowess is essential in optimizing data center efficiency and workflow.

The OneView platform is a comprehensive solution by HPE for infrastructure management. It includes various editions, such as OneView Standard, OneView Advanced, and HP OneView for VMware vCenter. The HPE OneView platform offers a unified approach to managing data center resources, allowing administrators to streamline provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance tasks.

HPE OneView is used for managing and optimizing data center infrastructure. It provides a centralized interface for configuring, monitoring, and automating tasks related to servers, storage, and networking equipment. This simplifies data center operations, reduces errors, and enhances overall efficiency.

HPE OneView is typically licenszd based on the number of physical servers or server blade enclosures you wish to manage. Licensing options may vary, and HPE offers different editions with varying feature sets. You can contact HPE or an authorized HPE reseller for specific pricing and licensing details based on your organization's needs.

The number of servers that HPE OneView can manage depends on the specific edition and licensing you choose. Generally, it can scale to accommodate the needs of your data center, from a few servers to hundreds or more. The licensing model is typically based on the number of physical server nodes or enclosures you want to manage, so you can choose a license that suits your infrastructure size.

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