HP iLO License

The HPE iLO License, standing for Integrated Lights-Out, is a vital element in server management technology. HP iLo Advanced incorporates a physical processor, crucial for remote server management. HP iLO License is more than just a technology; it’s an integral part of HP’s server management infrastructure, working in harmony with powerful management software on the server.

The HPE iLO License facilitates remote server management

HPE iLO License is a key tool for remote server management.

What is HP iLO Advanced?

HPE iLO License provides features such as configuring, monitoring and updating HP servers easily from any place and time. This technology can be used on a series of HP ProLiant servers and blade servers and is used to enable control and monitoring the performance of HP servers.

Network administrators and server administrators can use the HP iLO License admin card, which is embedded in the server and has its own IP address, through the Domain Name System (DNS) or the Hosting Configuration Protocol (DHCP), or through a dedicated management network.

In general, it can be said that iLO technology and licenses are provided to network administrators as a web-based interface. The HP iLO Advanced port is an Ethernet port that can be activated through the ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU). Note that to activate various functions on the HP products, specific HP License types would be required.

Combining HPE GreenLake with HP iLO License

The HPE Alletra MP platform, underpinned by the institutional role of the HPE iLO License, provides a substantial benefit for customers. It simplifies the support process for HPE’s GreenLake storage solutions and paves the way for future on-premises SAN and NAS offerings.

HPE’s strategic transition towards a universal platform negates the need for dedicated hardware for each platform. The integration of iLO, governed by the HP iLO Advanced, brings a secure, hardened lifecycle update controller to the systems, thereby enhancing the overall security and efficiency of the platform, even extending beyond its direct application to GreenLake.

iLO Technology Features

HPE iLO License technology is used in ProLiant servers. To access the software, a username and password are defined by default for iLO.

Features that are available to users remotely using the HP iLo License management tool are:

  • Browser-based configuration
  • Remote scripted configuration
  • Ability to control energy consumption
  • Ability to turn on or off or restart the server
  • Access system logs and manage a list of HP logs
  • Configure, configure, set up and update various services remotely
  • Ability to monitor server performance regardless of operating system status
  • Install operating systems, patches and firmware in case of problems through Virtual Media and Virtual Folders

In HP’s 100 series iLO servers, the ability to manage and control facilities was very limited. HP iLO Advanced technology has been replaced with an advanced version of iLO5.

HPE iLO License is the core foundation of HP Server Intelligence and is a combination of iLO ASIC and Firmware that provides ASIC power. iLO is a dedicated network connection and IP address that allows the admin processor to register its device name using DNS and Windows or WINS Internet naming service.

This technology also supports static IP configuration. The HP iLO License for the ProLiant series of servers supports two ways to connect to a network and access all functions via a dedicated connection or a shared network port.

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Features of v2.55 software version in iLO5

  • The security dashboard can provide you with a view of the status of the most important security features, the general state of the system, the current configuration and the options available to lock the server’s configuration.
  • Securely delete data with one button using smart data, this is designed to reject or make changes to the server.
  • Key management features will be available with support for Gemalto SafeNet and SafeNet AT.
  • NIC Virtual Function Enables secure access to valid HP iLO Advanced through the operating system component.
  • LDAP / Directory settings are customizable via Redfish.
  • Firmware Restore Policies for Older Versions – Specifies how to manage requests to restore the operating system to the previous version through iLO.
  • Ability to view the lifespan of SSDs and NVMe drives.
  • Ability to edit Windows Maintenance in the firmware and OS.
  • Feature to check the rules of complexity in the password.
  • Enable and disable video presentation of server health performance summary.
  • Ability to activate the server configuration lock through the BIOS.
  • Workload Performance Advisor provides recommendations for adjusting server performance to improve it.

It should be noted that the features that existed in HP iLO Advanced Premium Security are now licensed in HPE iLO License.

HPE iLO Licenses

iLO Web-based Management Console

One of the main concerns of network administrators has always been to connect remotely to servers and perform monitoring operations on them, such as booting or turning on servers and making changes. To create such accesses, you need to use Web-based iLO on the console remotely.

The user interface of this compatible part is embedded for configuration, regardless of the operating system. In addition to the new features in iLO5 HP iLO License, another feature of iLO5 compared to iLO4 is the web-based management console. In this new version, a powerful graphical user interface is provided to the user in a web browser.

Another option for connecting and managing iLO5 HPE iLO License is the Remote Console. This management console configures XML and script control, SMASH CLP or iLO RESTFUL API. The iLO Web interface requires JavaScript to connect to the client through the browser, and in addition cookies, popups and TLS must be enabled on browsers.

Types of iLO5 licenses

There are three levels of licensing in iLO5:

  1. iLO Standard
  2. iLO Advanced
  3. iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition

iLO standard is iLO`s default, and iLO advanced and iLO advanced premium security edition provide more services and facilities to the user, which should be used by preparing and ordering the HPE iLO licenses.

iLO Standard License Features

  • Secure Start
  • Single Sign-On
  • Measured Boot
  • Common Criteria
  • UEFI Secure Boot
  • Authenticated Updates
  • Secure made BIOS (TAA)
  • Manual Secure Recovery
  • Remote Firmware Update
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Validation
  • FW Supply Chain Attack Detection
  • NIST 800-147b BIOS / UEFI Protection
HP iLO Advanced: A solution for secure, remote server control.

HP iLO Advanced facilitates secure and remote server operations.

HP iLO Advanced License Features

  • ilo amplifier
  • virtual media
  • ilo federation
  • Remote console
  • Directory services
  • Remote system logs
  • Arcsight unique connector
  • Kerberos2_factor Authentication
  • Kerberos 2-Factor Authentication
  • CAC 2-factor Authentication

HPE iLO License Premium Security Edition License Features

  • UEFI
  • Virtual Media
  • Remote Console
  • Directory Services
  • Silicon root of trust
  • Remote System Logs
  • Runtime FW Validation
  • Run time FW validation
  • ArcSight Unique Connector
  • Automatic secure recovery
  • CAC 2-Factor Authentication
  • Secure erase NAND / NOR Data
  • Kerberos 2-Factor Authentication
  • Secure Erase of NAND / NOR Data
  • Commercial National Security Algorithms

An iLO Advanced License is a specific type of license for HP iLO that provides enhanced remote management features, including remote console access, virtual media, and other advanced capabilities.

The primary difference is that iLO provides basic remote management capabilities, such as power control and monitoring, while iLO Advanced unlocks advanced features like remote console access, virtual media, and more.

HP iLO licenses come in various types, including iLO Standard, iLO Advanced, and iLO Essentials. Each type provides different sets of features and capabilities, with iLO Advanced offering the most advanced options.

The default iLO credentials vary depending on the server model and version, but common defaults include usernames like "Administrator" or "Admin" and default passwords. It's essential to change these defaults for security reasons.

To find your iLO license key, you typically need to access the iLO web interface on your server. Log in and navigate to the "License" or "Key" section, where you can view or retrieve your license key.

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