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What is HP Software?

HP, or Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, is an American multinational corporation specializing in information technology and business network equipment, including HP Software solutions. The company is headquartered in California, USA and is a subsidiary of HP Company.

The brand primarily targets the commercial market, offering a range of products and services such as network equipment, servers, storage, and related HPE Software. Alongside these hardware and HP Software solutions, the company also provides consulting services, support services, and financial services as part of its main activities.

HP Software encompasses the drivers and utilities designed

HP Software includes the proprietary applications

Network management and monitoring software is one of the products that this company releases and supports. There are many applicants for network related licenses to this software. In the following, we will introduce three software, each of which in some way simplifies the network management operation.

Various Types of HP Software Solutions

Hewlett-Packard (HP) and its enterprise-focused counterpart, HPE, provide an array of software solutions engineered for distinct consumer and enterprise requirements. The following enumerates the categorical classifications and specific software products under the HP and HPE umbrella:

  1. Consumer Software
  2. Enterprise Software
  3. Printing and Imaging Software
  4. Security Software
  5. Storage and Data Management

Consumer Software

  • HP Support Assistant: Helps you maintain your PC and printers and avoid or resolve problems using automated updates and self-help options.
  • HP Smart: A mobile app for setting up and managing HP printers.
  • HP JumpStart: A pre-installed software in HP PCs that guides you through device setup and offers a curated collection of apps.

Enterprise Software

  • HP iLO
  • HPE Intelligent Management Center
  • HPE OneView

HP iLO (Integrated Lights-Out)

HPE iLO  is a remote server management technology by Hewlett-Packard, known as HP iLO Advance in the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise ecosystem. It allows system administrators to perform various tasks like system configuration, firmware updates, and troubleshooting without physical access to the server.

Operating independently of the OS, it provides secure, encrypted access to server metrics and integrates with other HP software like HPE OneView for a unified management experience. The technology is crucial for maintaining high-availability server environments in enterprise settings.

HPE Intelligent Management Center

A comprehensive management platform designed for enterprise-level networks, offering fault management and performance monitoring.

HPE OneView

You may be acquainted with HP System Insight Manager Software, the precursor solution for network infrastructure management. It has been superseded by HP OneView, a more advanced product within the HP Software suite.

This comprehensive management platform was engineered over a four-year research and development cycle, incorporating customer feedback and rigorous needs assessments. HP OneView facilitates an integrated monitoring and management environment for diverse network components, including servers, storage subsystems, and networking hardware.

Since its market introduction in 2014, HP OneView has achieved substantial market penetration, with license sales exceeding one million units. This milestone underscores HP Software’s commitment to delivering scalable, customer-oriented IT management solutions.

HPE licensing support

Printing and Imaging Software

  • HP Universal Print Driver: A driver that provides a single solution for printing needs, including support for advanced features of HP printers.
  • HP Click: Software aimed at simplifying large-format printing and is used particularly in design.

Security Software

  • HP Sure Click: Provides secure browsing by isolating each website in its own virtual container.
  • HP Sure Sense: Uses machine learning to provide exceptional protection against malware.

Storage and Data Management

  • HPE Storage Optimizer: File analysis and data migration tool that helps to manage unstructured data.
  • HPE StoreOnce Backup: Provides fast and flexible backup for different kinds of environments.

HPE Software

HP Software Update Leads to Critical Failures in OfficeJet 902x Printer Series

In early May, Hewlett-Packard disseminated a firmware update via its proprietary HP Software distribution platform, targeting the OfficeJet printer series. This update has subsequently led to system malfunctions, predominantly within the OfficeJet 902x lineup, which includes models Pro 9022e, Pro 9025e, Pro 9020e All-in-One, and Pro 9025e All-in-One. Post-update, these devices enter a non-operational state, colloquially termed “bricked.” The specific symptomatology includes a blue screen on the built-in touchscreen interface, accompanied by the error code 83C0000B.

This firmware malfunction, precipitated by the HP Software update, precludes end-users from executing a factory reset. The rationale is that the standard reset protocol requires interaction with the touchscreen interface, which is compromised by the aforementioned error state.

As of the latest reports, the sole remedial action available is to forward the malfunctioning unit to HP’s technical service department for diagnosis and repair. As a provisional risk mitigation strategy, users are advised to sever their printers’ internet connectivity to prevent involuntary download and installation of the problematic firmware.

On May 17, 2023, Hewlett-Packard formally recognized a critical issue stemming from a firmware update that has adversely affected the operational integrity of its OfficeJet Pro 9020e printer models. In an official communication to the technology news outlet Bleeping Computer, HP stated that its engineering divisions are in the process of devising a corrective firmware patch aimed at resolving the identified blue screen error, which is tagged with the fault code 83C0000B.

The company recommended that end-users encountering this error consult their dedicated customer support unit for specialized technical guidance, available through their official support portal.

Product Description Price Price Quote

HPE iLO Adv Blade 1-svr Lic 3yr Support:ProLiant Management SW. HPE iLO Advance


HPE iLO Adv Blade Flx Lic 3yr Support:ProLiant Management SW. HPE iLO Advance


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HPE iLO Adv 1-svr Lic 3yr Support. HPE iLO Advance


HPE iLO Adv Flx Lic 3yr Support. HPE iLO Advance


HPE iLO Adv AKA Lic 3yr Support. HPE iLO Advance


HPE OV 3yr 24×7 Supp Phys 1 Svr Lic HPE One View


HPE OV 3yr 24×7 Supp Phys 1Svr Server Lic/S-Buy:Smart Buy Software Family HPE One View


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HPE OV Phys Media Kit No Lic:ProLiant Management SW HPE One View