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HP, or Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, is an American multinational corporation in the field of information technology and business network equipment. The company is headquartered in California, USA and as its name suggests, this company is a subsidiary of HP Company. The main focus of this brand is on the market of various commercial companies. Manufacturing products related to network equipment such as servers, storage, related software, consulting services, support services and financial services are the main activities of this company.

Network management and monitoring software is one of the products that this company releases and supports. There are many applicants for network related licenses to this software. In the following, we will introduce three software, each of which in some way simplifies the network management operation.

HP Power Advisor

The power consumed in HP servers is largely dependent on the server model used and the components installed on it, including the processor, storage, memory modules, cards installed in the expansion slots (Controllers, Adapters) and other items. Therefore, when preparing a list of components, you must first calculate the consumption of all items and consider a good estimate for items that may be added to the server in the future, and then choose a power supply that is appropriate to the total power consumption of the system and components. Of course, keep in mind that for each server, there is a specific power supply. For example, for the DL380 G10 series servers, three power supply models with capacities of 800W, 500W and 1600W are presented.

Keep in mind that by choosing a power supply higher than the power consumption of your system, you will incur a significant additional cost. On the other hand, choosing a power supply with a capacity less than the system needs will cause system malfunctions and possible damage.

To simplify system power estimation, HP has introduced software called HP Power Advisor, which provides accurate and accurate estimates of the power required by HP ProLiant and Integrity servers. This software identifies the key factors affecting the power required by the system and calculates the power consumption.

HPE Software License

HP OneView

You’ve probably used HP System Insight Manager Software before, but you should know that HP has now replaced it with a newer version called HP OneView. This software allows you to monitor and manage all network components, including servers, storage devices and network structure in one place.

To produce and expand this product, HP Company spent 4 years with the cooperation of its customers and assessing their needs. This product was released in 2014 and has sold more than 1 million licenses so far.

Features of HP OneView software

If we want to mention the features of this product, we can name the following:

  • Ability to develop and communicate software through the API.
  • Instant inspection and management of equipment health status.
  • Simplicity and efficiency and elimination of infrastructure complexities.
  • Ability to obtain schema preparation and connection map between servers.
  • Ease of finding fast and accurate servers as well as powerful search features.
  • Ability to update and manage the firmware according to the license provided.
  • Ability to manage Blade Enclosures and the ability to manage logical communication between servers.
  • The open source capability of the program, in addition to helping it progress and develop rapidly, makes it easy to integrate with other software.
  • Another feature of HP OneView is the ability to fully manage servers. Regardless of the number of servers, the servers can be grouped and customized for each profile.
  • Ability to automate IT operations in companies and organizations and integrated management of the entire network in one console, which reduces IT errors and total costs.
All the mentioned features can be activated using HP license tiers.

HPE licensing support

HP 3PAR Operating System Software

Another important software related to HP products is the HP 3PAR StoreServ 8000, 9000, 20000 series of basic storage software. These applications combine advanced virtualization capabilities with simple storage management and robust performance, providing a very acceptable output to the user. These capabilities include a variety of thin provisioning. Options such as System Tuner, Dynamic Optimization and Automatic Rebalance help keep system performance at the highest level.

It also makes it easier to transfer existing data from Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) and 3PAR systems to the 3PAR StoreServ HP storage using customizable and purchasable licenses. The software includes Virtual Copy for fast application recovery and greatly reduces costs by thin-aware and minimizing the amount of physical capacity.

This feature, which can be achieved by obtaining existing licenses, reduces costs without compromising system performance, availability, and adaptability. All of these applications are available with the device’s own controllers on HP 3PAR storage models, and you only need to get licenses that fit the system performance.

HP 3PAR Operating System Software

HP 3PAR operating system software is the basis of HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 and 10,000 series storage software. This software combines advanced virtualization capabilities with simple storage management and great performance. The thin provisioning feature allows users to take advantage of features such as start thin, get thin and stay thin. Tuner and Autonomic Rebalance system help maintain high performance over time.

HP 3PAR StoreServ Management Console

The console (SSMC) offers a modern look and a common language with network management tools such as HP OneView. Designed to use the latest API (Application Program Interface) and UI (User Interface) technology and provides integrated and centralized management for files and blocks.

HP 3PAR Dynamic Optimization

It is a tool for storage by Tiering method. This tool allows network administrators to react quickly to rapid application changes. This special software related to 3PAR improves the issue of cost-quality optimization and service time (QoS) optimization even in the largest and most demanding environments.

HP 3PAR Virtual Lock

Allows the user to lock volumes or copies for a specified period of time. During this period, access to read volumes or copies is allowed, but deletion is prohibited and also provides the possibility of proving data manipulation.



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