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HP StoreOnce

HP StoreOnce is popular among organizations for hybrid IT because of its lower risk, disk-based capabilities, integrated cloud computing, automated backup, and data recovery. These features have made this type of storage one of the best options for medium to growing and large organizations. 

HP StoreOnce Storage licensed storages are at a higher level compared to their peers by saving data protection costs using a unique architecture and the best price-performance ratio. HP StoreOnce protects small offices and data centers by using exclusive scalability and agility in the operation of virtual equipment and by selecting backup software. Also, this storage is a solution for stronger transfer with more flexibility in data protection at all levels of organizations. 

HPE StoreOnce Storage

With HP StoreOnce Storage and its licenses, the need to prepare more volume to store backup data will be reduced by 95%. Due to the scalable design of this storage, it will be possible to grow the storage space according to the growth of your business up to more than 100 PB (assuming a 20:1 difference). This possibility can also be provided by management through only a single console, to protect data in local or cloud-based storage. 

The StoreOnce Deduplication feature eliminates the need for disk storage space required to store a set of backup data by 20 times without affecting backup performance. Keeping backup data on disk allows organizations to access more backup data for quick recovery of damaged files. In this way, it will have a greater impact on the productivity of businesses by saving costs and energy resources. 

By having an industry-leading system for data backup with a maximum speed of 288 TB/hr by HA Federated 8, the node system minimizes risk. Organizations can reduce the number of backup windows by using this StoreOnce VSA. When it comes to backup, data recovery and storage, HP Store Once Storage includes all the features you’d expect from backup disks. Features including data encryption in their inactive state, data encryption in transit and data encryption in the cloud. 

Organizations and companies can make their hybrid infrastructure simple and dynamic by using HP’s exclusive StoreOnce redundant data recording technology. Managing the transfer of backup data has never been easier. Data backup operations are optimized using the licensed HP Store Once Catalyst interface. Now it is possible to create two copies of the information in any desired part of the network. For example, in the StoreOnce and Cloud systems. Using a cloud storage bank to enable cloud backup and business software, the HP StoreOnce system provides significant flexibility to reduce cost, risk and complexity in operations. StoreOnce Catalyst also prevents backup versions from being exposed to ransomware. 

Using StoreOnce VSA 4.2 software, StoreOnce VSA capabilities provide administrators with more access to enable VMware environments for automatic failover operations. Also, this software can transfer information to an alternative host during host failures, which is a very important feature. It should be noted that the management of high availability configurations by StoreOnce VSAs has become easier with the new virtual tool called Store Once High Availability Manager. 

HP StoreOnce Storage

HP StoreOnce 3620 Storage 

HP StoreOnce 3620 storage is a suitable choice for small businesses and companies with remote access or with multiple branches and large data centers by providing backup and recovery in the event of a problem at the entry-level disk-based level. This storage device with the size of 2 units can be used from 16 to 31.5 terabytes of capacity for normal use, up to a maximum of 94.5 terabytes using Cloud Bank Storage and a maximum speed of 14 TB/hr using StoreOnce Catalyst. 

Storage HP StoreOnce 3640 Storage 

HP StoreOnce 3640 storage is used to provide scalable support and data recovery for small to medium data centers. This licensed storage provides an ideal responsive device for a target of up to 36 offices with remote access and representation. This scalable device with dimensions of 2 units from 36 to 108 terabytes of available local capacity using update kits and up to 324 TB of Cloud Bank Storage space and a solution based on reducing backup windows at a speed of 18 TB/hr using HP StoreOnce Catalyst offers. 

Storage HP StoreOnce 5200 System 

Licensed HP StoreOnce 5200 storage is suitable for small to medium data centers because it can provide scalability and data recovery. This storage device is suitable for ideal response for up to 64 offices and branches with remote access. This scalable storage can be used from 36 to 216 terabytes by occupying 4U of physical space. It also has the possibility of updating kits up to 648 TB using Cloud Bank storage space and a solution to reduce the volume of backup windows with speeds of up to 33 TB/hr using StoreOnce Catalyst. 

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HP StoreOnce 5250 Systems storage 

HP StoreOnce 5250 storage can be used on-site alongside disk-based storage for backup with deduplication to maintain data for a longer period of time. This storage can also be used for off-site data recovery with unparalleled scalability and excellent performance in medium data centers and HP Enterprise servers. Also, this storage device is designed with the aim of providing ideal response for up to 64 offices with the possibility of remote access or its branches. This scalable device, occupying rack space from 7 to 12 units, can provide 36 terabytes to 864 terabytes of usable local capacity and up to 1.7 petabytes of Cloud Bank storage capacity, and can easily back up windows and up to 41 TB speed. /hr using HP StoreOnce Catalyst. 

HPE StoreOncse License

Benefits of using the Catalyst component in HP StoreOnce Storage 

  • StoreOnce Catalyst prevents backups from being exposed to ransomware. 
  • Scalability with external storage devices to augment the local storage system by Cloud Bank Extension on Catalyst. 
  • Speeding up the duration of the backup version to reduce the volume of Windows backup pages up to a maximum of 288 TB/hr total throughput. 
  • Simple data transfer management from a pane of glass: tighter integration with the backend application for centralized management of file replication across the network. 
  • Unified control in complex environments: support for a wide range of flexible configurations that allow data to move simultaneously from one server site to multiple server sites. It also provides the possibility of broadcasting a large amount of data throughout the company (which is also called multiple hops). 
  • Performance improvement: The distributed deduplication function in the Store Once Catalyst storage section, on the StoreOnce system and on multiple servers, can optimize the workload and use of backup hardware, network links, and backup servers to speed up performance. And backup will be better. 

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HP StoreOnce 2620 iSCSI Reman Backup : RMKT – D2D4x00 Family. HP StoreOnce


HP StoreOnce 4220 Reman Backup:RMKT – D2D4x00 Family. HP StoreOnce


HP StoreOnce 4210 Upgrade Kit. HP StoreOnce


HPE StoreOnce 4210 Upgrade Reman Kit. HP StoreOnce


HP StoreOnce 2700 8TB Reman Backup:RMKT – D2D2x00 Family. HP StoreOnce


HPE StoreOnce 4500 24TB Reman Backup. HP StoreOnce


HPE StoreOnce 4700 24TB Reman Backup. HP StoreOnce


HPE StoreOnce 4500/4700 24TB Upgrade Kit:StoreOnce 4×00 Family. HP StoreOnce


HPE StoreOnce 4500/4700 Upgrd Reman Kit. HP StoreOnce


HP StoreOnce 2700 Replication LTU. HPE StoreOnce


HPE StoreOnce 2000/3000 Rep E-LTU. HPE StoreOnce


HP StoreOnce 2700 Replication Reman LTU:RMKT – StoreOnce 2×00 Family. HPE StoreOnce