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HP Spectra Storage Tape Library

The inexorable growth of data generated by high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence platforms increasingly requires automated systems to reduce the costs of data storage and management. The licensed HP Spectra Storage Tape Library is a highly scalable data protection system for unstructured data in HPC and AI environments. This is a multi-purpose tool that allows customers to customize their data management strategies for backup, HSM, and archiving.

HPE Spectra Tape Library

At the heart of most data management strategies is tape. It is still the most profitable storage medium in the world. And in the midst of an ever-expanding data universe of storage systems, file systems, and data lakes, this solution is the only tool that knows where the data resides. Customers use high performance and licensed file systems for home directories and community stores where data availability and access is a priority. The licensed HP Spectra Tape Library simplifies the protection of complex and scalable storage systems. This solution eliminates backup windows and improves RTO/RPO with file versioning and file system image snapshots. Combined with Spectra’s TFinity Exascale and T950 tape libraries, DMF7 lowers the cost of recovering critical data.

The speed, affordability, and reliability of tape technology make it increasingly important to organization’s data protection as data volume continues on its strong growth trajectory. This growth has led to tremendous advances in digital storage technologies for physical tape the past decade. These advances warrant a closer look at how data storage customers select the right tape technology for their data protection environment, an undisputed leader in additional categories including cost and reliability. Archival tape life for secure data storage and maintenance of data 30 years or older in a maintainable environment.

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Integrating a Cost-Effective HSM Platform

Implementing a hierarchical storage management (HSM) strategy has never been more important for customers. DMF7 is a high-performance, policy-based HSM platform that migrates data between high-performance, low-cost flash, expensive, high-capacity disk, and low-cost tape. Spectra’s DMF7 and TFinity ExaScale and T950 Tape Libraries can be configured to ensure idle data is not left in inexpensive storage longer than necessary.

Ultimately, data and files that are infrequently used and/or fall into disuse should be tiered to the most cost-effective storage for long-term archiving. DMF7 is a data curator for files destined for the archive. Through policies that can be customized to meet each customers’ business needs, DMF7 automates the archiving process from end-to-end; determines which files should be archived, moves those files and their metadata into the archive, protects files in the archive, and even expires copies of files in the archive. Spectra tape storage and DMF7 are at the heart of this archive solution, working together to support 3-2-1 archive strategies (3 copies, 2 media types, 1 offsite copy).

HPE Spectra

Key features of this licensed solution

  • Encryption
  • Active Archive
  • Self Maintenance
  • LTO-5 Tape Drives
  • Management Tools
  • TranScale Architecture
  • SpectraGuard Support
  • BlueScale Environment
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Data Integrity Verification
  • Remote Camera Monitoring
  • Hardware Health Monitoring
  • Media Lifecycle Management
  • TS1140 Technology Tape Drives
  • Certified – Proven technology to ensure reliable and consistent operations
  • Cutting-edge technology – Support for the latest enterprise-class LTO technologies
  • Scalable management – Manage backup, HSM and archive via administrator-defined policies
  • This licensed solution can accelerated recovery: 1) automatically through file system access; 2) from copies of tertiary tapes if the first copy is unreadable; and 3) from multiple tape drives for higher bandwidth
  • Automated library management: consolidation of scattered written tapes, recycling of expired tapes, migration of data to newer generations of tape technology disc; Use duct tape as the foundation of a 3-2-1 filing strategy

Operational improvements

With Spectra and DMF, storage can be up to 10x cheaper than storing files in the cloud. DMF provides data center tiering technology that enables the most cost-effective deployment of data storage tape. Spectra tape storage leverages industry-leading density and power efficiency, making tape the most economical storage on the market today.

Spectra Zoning

Spectra Logic worked with HP engineers (DMF) to optimize zoning functionality with the TFinity ExaScale tape library. This optimization means users can take advantage of using both robots in parallel to achieve industry-leading robot assembly performance.In addition, changes have been made to each software package so that the barcode on the tape can be matched to the appropriate TeraPack® barcode that the tape is contained in. This allows DMF to sort the motion queue for each zone, allowing tapes from the same TeraPack to be loaded onto the drives in sequence, further increasing robotic assembly performance.

HP Spectra Tape

Spectra TAOS

TAOS is an exclusive advancement from Spectra that offers up to a 4x improvement in overall read access speed and up to 13x reduction in tape head movement when reading multiple files from individual tapes. The latter also results in less tape and drive wear, which has the secondary benefit of improving overall system reliability and reducing costs. TAOS accelerates restore times for Spectra TFinity ExaScale by intelligently rearranging LTO tape restores to optimize the time it takes to complete a restore. Previously, there was no such functionality for systems based on LTO-7 and LTO-8 tape drives.

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