HP Nimble Storage

HPE Nimble Storage embodies a predictive flash storage technology, pioneered by Nimble Storage, established in early 2008 in San Jose, California. Now operating as a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Nimble has significantly contributed to HPE’s ascendancy in the solid-state array market, courtesy of its high-caliber and well-received flash storage arrays.

Empowering Modern Data Management with HPE Nimble Storage

HP Nimble data storage solutions, furnished with self-managing storage capabilities, are crafted for medium-sized enterprises and departmental use within larger corporations. These products are favored by organizations for their flash storage speed, reduced data redundancy, industry-leading reliability, and seamless cloud integration. As a relatively mature offering in the market, HPE Nimble is regarded as a “safe choice” among its competitors, a position reinforced by its rankings on globally recognized research platforms.

HP Nimble product line

Established in 2008, Nimble Storage pioneered the CS200 series hybrid arrays in 2010, marking the onset of its innovative journey. The company witnessed rapid growth over the ensuing seven years, transitioning to a public entity in 2013, and later being acquired by HP in 2017 for $1.09 billion. A significant milestone was the development of an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning system, InfoSight, which facilitated intelligently simple array management. This licensed solution, embodying efficient scalability, is adept at data analysis and provides alerts to network administrators, enabling proactive measures to mitigate potential failures.

All HP Nimble Storage products are powered by the NimbleOS operating system, encapsulating a range of services such as cache obfuscation, read and write optimization, deduplication, and inline compression, showcasing an intelligently simple approach to data management alongside efficient scalability. Furthermore, Nimble’s licensed operating system incorporates sensors to monitor the flash array’s performance, channeling data to InfoSight for predictive analytics. This arrangement embodies the synergy between an intelligently simple ideology and efficient scalability, aiming to ensure optimal performance.

HP Nimble products

HPE Nimble products fall into three broad categories:

  1. All-flash products
  2. Adaptive flash products
  3. Secondary flash products

Advancing Data Dynamics with HP Nimble Storage Products All flash arrays

As the name suggests, HP Nimble Storage all-flash arrays store all your data in solid state flash drive technology. This architecture results in high performance in both reading and writing. All-flash products include integration with HP InfoSight predictive analytics to ensure 99% guaranteed data availability.

In addition, Nimble all-flash arrays are future-ready by offering the following options:

  • SCM support
  • NVMe support
  • Cloud-ready

SCM support

All-flash arrays from HPE Nimble Storage can support Storage Class Memory (SCM), a novel low-latency storage medium with performance comparable to DRAM, marking a significant stride in storage technology. This potential integration could accelerate data access and processing for enterprises, showcasing the versatility and innovative design of HP Nimble Storage solutions. By aligning with modern and forward-thinking storage requirements, Nimble Storage continues to be at the forefront of delivering high-performance, low-latency, and efficiently scalable storage solutions, meeting the evolving demands of today’s data management landscapes.

NVMe support

All-flash arrays, designed for compatibility with the Nonvolatile Memory Express (NVMe) protocol, markedly enhance storage system performance by efficiently managing high-speed data transfer rates inherent to modern flash storage devices. Utilizing the high-speed PCIe bus, the NVMe protocol expedites communication between the host system and the storage device, thereby reducing data latency. This compatibility not only amplifies the performance and efficiency of storage systems, but also future-proofs them against escalating data throughput demands, rendering the amalgamation of all-flash arrays and NVMe a compelling choice for contemporary storage infrastructure solutions.


The contemporary data management landscape benefits significantly from the capability to seamlessly transfer data between local storage and cloud environments, a feature epitomized by HP Cloud Volumes. When utilized in conjunction with HP Nimble Storage, this service enables smooth data mobility from on-premise storage to the cloud and vice versa, assisting organizations in harnessing cloud resources while retaining local data control. It is instrumental in implementing hybrid cloud strategies, adeptly balancing operational costs, performance, and data security. This functionality is crucial in the prevailing era of big data, where swift and secure data movement is integral to business agility and innovation, rendering the integration of HP Cloud Volumes and HP Nimble Storage a substantial asset for modern data management.

Adaptive flash arrays

Nimble Adaptive Flash (AF) arrays combine traditional magnetic hard disk drives (HDD) with solid state drives (SSD or flash drives) in a hybrid configuration. These types of HP licensed arrays provide organizations with a cost-effective option that approaches the performance of flash storage. Like other flash products, Nimble AF arrays are cloud-ready to transfer data stored on-premises to the public cloud.

Secondary flash arrays

Like HP Nimble adaptive flash arrays and secondary flash arrays, they offer the option of hybrid SSD / HDD storage. But secondary array products have data replication features and are optimized for backup solutions. These systems are designed to handle tasks like Veeam backup and disaster recovery simply and efficiently.

Additionally, because backup data is accessible through a flash-optimized platform, organizations have the ability to run their own development/testing, QA, and analysis workloads on backup data. Even if needed, such as in a disaster recovery scenario, production loads can also be run on this backup operating system. With a secondary flash array, organizations can back up and restore any primary storage array almost instantly.

Efficient reduction of data redundancy

HPE Nimble has made every effort to reduce the total cost of ownership of its All-Flash arrays by developing industry-leading software technology for data reduction. This cost reduction includes in-line concurrent data replication, ensuring you’re not wasting storage space with duplicates of your data.

For example, if you create 20 virtual machines, all with the same operating system, only 1 copy of that operating system should be stored in the flash array. Nimble Storage technology processes deduplication before applying other data reduction techniques and before writing data to flash. As a result, this technology is able to guarantee that you can store more raw data than competitors using licensed HP Nimble Storage.

Navigating Data Horizons with Nimble Storage

HP Nimble Pioneers New Performance Technology

Performance, reliability and cloud support make HP Nimble Storage the leader in flash storage. But HP still guarantees that the Nimble platform is top notch. As mentioned, Nimble engineers pioneered the use of flash SSDs in SAN storage arrays to significantly improve performance. Today, organizations are integrating new HPE Nimble Storage technology into their product architecture to continuously increase network performance.

HP refers to this technology as Flash-Memory-Driven. A new class of storage that achieves near-DRAM speed performance. The Flash-Memory-Drive takes advantage of the non-volatile memory (NVMe) logical interface features, along with Storage Class Memory (SCM) to achieve breakthrough storage performance.

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