HP MSA Storage

HP, a prominent entity in the storage market, exhibits a strong focus on small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) compared to many other large manufacturers. Its HPE MSA (Modular Smart Array) Storage products are specifically engineered for SMBs, and have continually been recognized by enterprises for their substantial value proposition. The HP MSA Storage solutions deliver a harmonized blend of performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, positioning them as a favored choice among numerous SMBs.

HPE MSA Storage

This storage solution is easily expandable, offering a more economical alternative compared to competitors. The newly produced MSA Storage models have elevated their capabilities to compete with enterprise-level products, with a corresponding increase in price. This type of storage memory is ideal for organizations seeking a balance between robust performance and cost-effectiveness. The HP MSA License solutions continue to deliver a harmonized blend of high performance and affordability, catering to a wide range of organizational requirements.


In a bid to sustain a competitive stance in the market and keep its storage systems contemporary, HP has implemented updates to its operating systems. This enhancement has markedly amplified the execution efficiency of programs, and this feature is extended to customers at no additional cost. These advancements are also reflected in HPE MSA Storage solutions, further optimizing the performance and value proposition offered to SMBs.

In this update, SSD drives have also been optimized for configuration in hybrid storages, and their performance has been increased to 37,000 IOPS. This storage supports common operating systems such as Windows, Linux and VMware.

What does an operating system upgrade include?

1- Ability to optimize data paths using internal performance display algorithms that use the maximum effectiveness of CPU cache control.

2- Improving server and network peripherals that use express slots.

The HP MSA Storage Device is a newer generation of the P2000 storages. The difference between MSA 2040 and MSA 1040 and P2000 series is that by examining the SFP of this device, it is possible to determine how fast the data transfer was at the output. This device also allows the user to install integrated SFPs, which is a feature of this device. Also, by purchasing this storage device, you can use two controllers at the same time. This means that you can start with just buying one controller and in the future add a second controller to the device.

HP MSA Storage Vdisk

You can easily configure the device controllers without medium using the mini-USB port and serial cable. You can also do the settings using a browser as the IP address of the controller, and the next configuration using the Well Designed Web Interface. To activate various functions on the HP servers, specific HP License types would be required.

The HP MSA License interface provides an intricate graphical visualization of all hardware components, encompassing the enclosure, installed storage devices, controllers, and Fibre Channel (FC) ports, facilitating users to select any component for detailed information. It graphically delineates the shelves of connected disks, their communication cables, and permits switching between them and the main unit via the Web Interface.

The configuration process in MSA Storage entails the creation of a Virtual Disk (Vdisk), mounting of hard drives, and selection of a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configuration. Although it supports extending an array to spare drives if capacity is reached, it lacks the functionality for RAID Migration, signifying a limitation of this product.

The Provisioning Wizard, a pivotal feature of HPE MSA License, streamlines the creation of virtual disks in the device cache, enabling the selection of RAID configurations, assignment of drives to the array, specification of volume count and size, and designation of FC ports for host access. This wizard utilizes Port Mapping for the creation of Vdisk and Volume, optimizing the configuration process within the MSA Storage framework.


HP MSA storage Fault Tolerant

The HPE MSA 2040, along with the Dual-Hot-Plug controllers it uses, also has two Hot-Swap PSUs with cooling fans. Each controller can use several ways to communicate with Fault Tolerant links. Fault Tolerant is a feature that is enabled on the storage system and if an error occurs, it prevents the work from stopping.

HPE MSA storage Components

Generally, Volume, or logical drive, is a single, available storage space that is intended to be specific and easy to use for a single file system and is located on a single partition of a hard disk. Also, a snapshot is a set of pointers that point to data stored on a hard drive or SAN storage and look something like a table of contents, but the computer looks at it like a complete backup of data.

Clone is an identical copy of the information. In Disk Cloning, the storage information is completely copied. After doing this, the information is usually saved as a Disk Image and transferred to a storage device. The destination storage can be another hard drive, DVD or USB Drive. Disk Cloning is also known as Ghost Imaging.

MSA Storage

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MSA storage Clone and Snapshot

When preparing to sell your computer, it’s imperative to erase all the information on the device to prevent unauthorized access, while simultaneously ensuring that your data is securely transferred and accurately configured on a new computer or system. HPE MSA Storage solutions can serve as a robust infrastructure for such requirements.

They facilitate seamless data migration and precise configuration on the new system. Moreover, in the event of a system malfunction, disk cloning can be employed as a recovery measure to restore the system to its state prior to the failure. Utilizing HP MSA License solutions not only ensures a secure and efficient data migration but also provides a reliable contingency for system recovery, thereby safeguarding your data throughout the transition process.

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