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HP D3000 Storage

Before reviewing HP storage, it is best to have a brief description of the storage itself so that those users who do not have enough information about it are well acquainted with it. Storage devices are connected to systems to store information in large volumes, given the advances that exist today in all areas, data storage is of particular importance. There are many companies that produce various storage products, one of which is HP.

HPE D3000 Storage License

HP Storage categories?

In general, storage devices are divided into two categories internal and external storages, each of which has its own characteristics and their explanation is as follows:

Internal storage devices

Any device that has processing power has an internal storage, such as smartphones, calculators, home computers and other information processing systems.

External storage devices

There are other types of storage that are not installed inside the device and are divided into two categories, which are:

  • TAPE based storage devices
  • Hard disk drive based storage devices

HP designs and manufactures drive-based storage devices in three different types:

  • (SAN) Storage Area Network
  • (DAS) Direct Attached Storage
  • (NAS) Network Attached Storage

HP D3000 license

Purchasing the HP D3000 Enclosures and its licenses, with support for 12GB SAS speeds and single-point-of-failure reduction, provides a higher level of redundancy and reliability in the storage network.

By purchasing the HP D3000 Enclosures storage, corporate executives can obtain a highly flexible, low-cost, and ideal device for SMB environments and applications such as remote access and use in the second and third layers of data centers.

Purchasing these storages will easily provide the right platform for organizations to upgrade their storage at any time based on their needs. Data transfer speeds will be significantly increased by using enterprise-class dual-port SAS drives according to the organization’s budget and needs.

The HP D3000 licensed enclosure provides the flexibility to integrate and coordinate SAS, SATA, and Solid State drives simultaneously, reducing organizational costs.

The HP D3000 Enclosure, which supports the HP Smart Drive Carrier, enables this storage to provide a set of shared drives for ProLiant 8th and 9th generation servers. The HP D3000 Enclosure uses HP ProLiant management tools, including HP Systems Insight Manager and HP Array Configuration Utility (ACU) software. The HP D3000 enclosures are compatible with HP Smart Array SAS controllers and HBAs.

HPE D3000 Storage

Technical Specifications:

Weight: 38 lb

Form factor: 2U

Capacity: 960 TB

Invoice form: 2U

SAN backup support: No

Host Interface: 12 Gb / s SAS

Host interface: 12 Gb / s SAS

Storage mirroring support: No

Systems Insight Manager support: Yes

Product dimensions (H x W x D): 17.64 x 23.54 x3.44 in

Storage controller: Smart Array E208e-p & Smart Array P408e-p

Drive description: 12 LFF SAS / SATA drives in Smart carriers supported

Drive specifications: 12 LFF SAS / SATA drives in Smart carriers supported

Capacity: 960 TB maximum, depending on drive capacity and form factor

Storage expansion: options Up to eight (8) enclosures from a single controller port

Compatible operating systems: Microsoft® Windows® 2003, Microsoft Windows 2008, Microsoft Windows Hyper-V, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, VMware®, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Maintenance and service of HP D3000 Enclosure

HP D3000 Series enclosures are one of the best choices to increase storage space on servers. If, for whatever reason, you need more storage space than is planned for your device, and you want to achieve this at the lowest possible cost, choosing the right DAS storage is the best option. DAS or Direct attached is a storage space that connects directly (not over the network) to your server controller storage. These enclosures are connected to the controller located on the server via a SAS cable. In this way, they give organizations more storage space. 3000 series DASs that are compatible with 9th generation servers are offered in two models, D3600 and D3700, and if used in network topology, they will occupy 2 units of your rack.

HP D3000 License

The difference between the two models is in the size and number of hard drives that are placed on them. On the D3600, 12 hard drives with a size of 3.5 inches (LFF) can be installed. You can also add up to 8 more DASs to this device and finally create 768 terabytes of more storage space on your network. On the other hand, on the D3700, you will be able to install 25 2.5-inch (SFF) hard drives, which, like the D3600, can add 8 more DAS cascades to add 400 terabytes of storage space to your network. SAS SATA and SSD drives can be installed on this series of DAS and its main difference compared to 2000 series is SAS 12G support.

Note: All the mentioned features can be activated using HP license tiers.

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HP D3600 3TB SAS MDL SC 36TB Reman Bndl:RMKT – D3000. HPE D3000


HP D3700 300GB 6G 10K SAS SC Reman Bndl:RMKT – D3000. HPE D3000


HP D3700 600GB 6G 10K SAS SC Reman Bndl:RMKT – D3000. HPE D3000


HP D3700 300GB 6G 15K SAS SC Reman Bndl:RMKT – D3000. HPE D3000


HPE Install D2000/D3000 Drive Encl SVC. HPE D3000


HPE 3Y TC Ess D3000 Encl SVC. HPE D3000


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HPE 3Y TC Ess wDMR D3000 Encl SVC. HPE D3000


HPE 4Y TC Ess wDMR D3000 Encl SVC. HPE D3000


HPE 5Y TC Ess wDMR D3000 Encl SVC. HPE D3000


HPE 3Y TC Ess wCDMR D3000 Encl SVC. HPE D3000