HPE Alletra Storage

The exigency of data preservation and utilization has driven advancements in data storage infrastructure, highlighted by HP’s launch of the HPE Alletra Storage service. With its contemporary licenses, Alletra Storage delivers superior speed, accessibility, and cost-efficiency for organizations. The marked preference for cloud systems, attributed to their user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness, has catalyzed organizations to migrate their data to cloud platforms.

HPE Alletra Storage boosts performance and safeguards data in hybrid clouds

This ensures their infrastructure aligns with prevailing business requisites. The HPE Alletra service significantly underpins this transition, offering optimal speed and ease of access, reducing operational costs, and facilitating a streamlined migration to cloud-based data management. HP uses the new software-based data services to meet the business needs of its customers, instead of using the traditional internal data storage system previously implemented in organizations.

Optimization with HPE Alletra

HP Alletra Storage License is the latest component of HP’s cloud data infrastructure. Data Services Cloud Console securely manages Alletra and its licenses, providing a cloud-based operational experience. HPE Alletra Storage consists of a set of systems optimized for specific workloads, including Alletra 6000/9000 servers that are all NVMe.

Both the models and the obtainable licenses exhibit the architectural flexibility essential for executing a diverse range of programs without compromising performance. Alletra servers represent one of HP’s latest product offerings and are now available in the market. The recent information disseminated regarding HP Alletra License highlights the 6,000 PCIe, which is currently in its fourth generation. Data sheets employ varying units to denote drive capacity. While Alletra versions 6000 and 9000 bear a resemblance, they are built on distinct platforms, showcasing unique attributes.

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HP Alletra 6000

The HPE Alletra Storage 6000 is derived from Nimble, HP’s all-predictive flash storage technology. This solution has 24 slot drives with 3.5-inch compartments. These separate drives may have capacities of 1.92, 3.84, 7.68, or 15.36 terabytes. Thus, the maximum capacity of the Alletra 6000 is about 368 terabytes.

In comparison, the base case for Nimble has 48 drive positions, including AF20, AF40, AF60, and AF80. The HP Alletra Storage 6000 is licensed and employs AMD processors with fourth-generation PCIe interfaces, with the capability to augment the number of lanes. According to HP, these enhancements render the Alletra up to three times faster than Nimble. The amount of DRAM for the controller is increased in five models of the 6000 series and is as follows:

  • Model 6090: 896 GB
  • Model 6070: 448 GB
  • Model 6050: 256 GB
  • Model 6030: 128 GB
  • Model 6010: 64 GB

HPE Alletra Storage 6000 is HP's high-capacity storage.

Models 6050, 6070, and 6090 utilize storage class memory as cache. The 6090 model features a scalable system with a capacity comprising four standard 6090 arrays, each equipped with two all-flash shelves. Consequently, the maximum raw storage capacity of a fully-scaled system amounts to 3.26 petabytes. The 6000 series of this licensed solution accommodates triple RAID with a 32 Gbps fiber channel. It also supports a total of 1, 10, 25, and 100 Gigabit ports, inclusive of active and ready-to-use controllers. The allocation of controllers is evenly distributed between these two categories of controllers.

Alletra 9000

The Alletra Storage 9000 is based on the HPE Primera intelligent storage system. This intelligent system can combine standalone performance with high flexibility. The Alletra 9000 has 48 drive slots, which look thinner than the 6000 slots. In this solution, Ethernet ports support speeds of 10 Gbps or 25 Gbps.

The FC ports also support 16 Gbps or 32 Gbps. The arrangement of the cooling fans on the back of the device is also different from the Alletra Storage 6000. The HPE Alletra 9000 series currently includes the 9060 and 9080 models. It should be noted that both use small SSD (SFF) drives. The raw capacity of these drives may be 1.92, 3.84, 7.68, or 15.36 terabytes. Therefore, the maximum storage capacity of both models in the 9000 series, assuming the use of 48 15.36 terabyte drives, is about 656 terabytes or 721.3 terabytes.

The HPE Alletra 9000 is HP's high-performance storage system.

The 9000 series supports a variety of drives, including NVM Express (NVMe) drives, the first non-destructive interactive partition (FiPS), and encrypted NVMe FIPS. The 9060 has 256GB (275GB) of cache per controller node, while the 9080 model has 768 GB (824.6 GB). Both models may have two or four controllers, but the 9080 will be significantly faster for memory-limited operations with any of the configurations. According to the latest datasheet provided, the 9000 model does not yet support storage class memory.

HPE’s Brand Overhaul Spotlight on Alletra Storage

HPE is on a mission to declutter its brand portfolio, transitioning from a vast array of product and service labels to a concise six.

Jim Jackson

Over the forthcoming three years, this rebranding initiative will unfold as affirmed by EVP and CMO Jim Jackson via a blog post. With 22 years under his belt at HP/HPE, Jackson is well-acquainted with the often-perplexing gamut of product and service names that customers grapple with.

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is steering towards a unified customer journey, facilitated through a singular integrated system, prominently featuring the Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform brands.”

The current brand framework, comprising 29 distinct product and service labels, is being streamlined to two primary computing brands, with a single dedicated brand for storage, networking, software, and services respectively. The selected brands encompass ProLiant and Cray for computing, HPE Alletra for storage solutions, Aruba for networking, Ezmeral as the software choice, and HPE exclusively for services. Brands not falling within this six-fold categorization will undergo a name change.

“As we evolve, our aim is to ensure a smooth transition. Thus, over the next few years, as business progresses naturally, these modifications will be integrated. New product launches or alterations to existing product offerings will be in line with the revamped brand structure and naming approach. Brands associated with products that have run their course will be gracefully phased out.”

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