HP Storage


What is HP Storage?

Hewlett-Packard (HP) stands as a key player in the enterprise-level Network Attached Storage (NAS) market, particularly with its specialized HP Storage solutions that are designed for high scalability and performance. Large-scale organizations rely on HPE Storage not only for its hardware capabilities but also for its customizable software license packages that support various data management tasks.

HP Storage provides enterprise-level NAS and SAN solutions

HP’s after-sales support includes periodic firmware updates and 24/7 technical support, aimed at ensuring optimal functionality and security for deployed HP Storage License infrastructures. The company streamlines the procurement process with digital and B2B channels, simplifying the acquisition and integration of HPE Storage solutions into existing IT ecosystems.

Different Types of HP Storage

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers a variety of storage solutions to meet diverse enterprise needs. Here are some key types:

  • HPE 3PAR
  • HPE Nimble Storage
  • HPE Primera
  • HPE SimpliVity
  • HPE MSA Storage
  • HPE Apollo
  • HPE StoreOnce
  • HPE StoreEver
  • HPE Cloud Volumes
  • HPE Storage Networking


The HPE 3PAR enterprise-class storage array, an integral component of the HP Storage portfolio, is engineered for multi-tenancy and excels in high I/O throughput and low-latency data access. Its modular architecture supports incremental storage scalability without downtime, and it incorporates advanced data safeguarding mechanisms, such as RAID configurations and snapshot functionalities, to ensure the resilience and continuity of business-critical data.

HPE Nimble Storage

Nimble focuses on predictive analytics to improve performance and availability. It offers all-flash arrays and hybrid arrays, which combine disk and flash storage.

HP Nimble Storage

HPE Primera

HPE Primera is an enterprise-grade storage solution within the HPE Storage License portfolio, engineered to support mission-critical applications that necessitate high levels of availability and throughput. It offers a 100% availability SLA, achieved through fault-tolerant hardware and software design.

The system incorporates Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms for real-time self-optimization, enabling adaptive workload management and automatic performance tuning, thereby reducing latency and ensuring optimal resource utilization.

HPE SimpliVity

This is an enterprise-grade hyper-converged infrastructure solution that combines computing, storage, and networking into a single, software-driven solution.

HPE MSA Storage

From a technical standpoint, the HPE MSA Storage series represents an entry-level set of storage arrays within the broader HP Storage License ecosystem, engineered to cater to budget-sensitive clientele while delivering respectable performance metrics.

Utilizing a modular architecture, this storage array series allows for granular scalability in both capacity and throughput, thus providing a cost-effective and adaptable storage solution. Specifically designed to meet the criteria of small to mid-sized enterprises, or specialized use-cases within larger organizations, the HPE MSA Storage arrays offer a balance between price and performance, without sacrificing essential features like fault tolerance and data protection.

HPE Apollo

Apollo is designed for big data and high-performance computing (HPC) environments. It offers high density and is optimized for storage-intensive tasks.

HPE StoreOnce

This is a backup solution that offers deduplication and low-bandwidth replication features, making it efficient for enterprises.

HPE StoreEver

This is HPE’s tape storage solution, ideal for archiving and long-term data retention needs.

HPE Cloud Volumes

This is a cloud-native storage solution that allows for data mobility between on-premises storage and the public cloud.

HPE Storage Networking

HPE offers a variety of storage networking options including Fibre Channel switches and directors, suitable for SAN environments.

Each of these storage solutions can be optimized for specific use-cases and can be customized with various licenses and features.

For the most up-to-date information, it’s best to consult HPE’s official website or documentation.

HP SAN or Storage Area Network

HPE SAN Storage

HP Storage offers various types of storage solutions, including NAS for file-level access and SAN for block-level storage. While NAS is often used for File Sharing and Home Directories, SAN solutions, enabled by HP Storage Licenses, provide high-speed, block-level data access between servers and storage arrays, improving speed and performance.

These SAN configurations utilize a range of high-speed data transfer protocols such as Fiber Channel and iSCSI, and can be customized using specific HP License types for enhanced functionalities. Overall, HPE Storage’s SAN solutions offer modular, high-performance storage options suitable for enterprise-level data management.

SAN Storage Advantages

  1. Save money
  2. High availability
  3. Business continuity
  4. Centralized management
  5. Backup and Restore faster
  6. Better information security
  7. Server and storage integration
  8. Better data protection and fast recovery
  9. Increase program performance by loading storage or network isolation functions
Product Description Price Price Quote

HP StoreEasy 1430 Reman Storage:RMKT – NAS X1000 Family. HPE StoreEasy


HP StoreEasy 1530 8TB SATA Reman Storage : RMKT – NAS X1000 Family. HPE StoreEasy


HP StoreEasy 1530 12TB SATA Reman Strg : RMKT – NAS X1000 Family. HPE StoreEasy


HP StoreEasy 1830 Reman Storage:RMKT – NAS X1000 Family. HPE StoreEasy


HP StoreEasy 1830 12/6TB SAS Reman Strg : RMKT – NAS X1000 Family. HPE StoreEasy


HP StoreEasy 1830 20.7TB SAS Reman Strg : RMKT – NAS X1000 Family. HPE StoreEasy


HP StoreEasy 3830 Gateway Reman Storage : RMKT – NAS X3000 Family. HPE StoreEasy


HP StoreEasy 3830 Gateway Reman Blade:RMKT – NAS X3000 Family. HPE StoreEasy


HP StoreEasy 70 LFF Disk Reman Enclosure:RMKT – NAS X5000 Family. HPE StoreEasy


HP StoreEasy 12TB LFF Drive Reman Bundle:RMKT – NAS X5000 Family. HPE StoreEasy


HP StoreEasy 8.1TB Drive Reman Bundle:RMKT – NAS X5000 Family. HPE StoreEasy


HP D3600 3TB SAS MDL SC 36TB Reman Bndl:RMKT – D3000. HPE D3000