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Basically, HPE company is an enterprise organization which offers different solutions for LAN and SAN networking.

The HP G10 Server (ProLiant Server) is one of the best and most widely used rack mount servers made by HPE. HP ProLiant Server has always been the best-selling among all servers produced by the HPE brand. With each generation of these servers, CPU power and storage capacity have improved as technology advances. Now on the G10 servers, we can clearly see significant improvements, which we will discuss below.

One of the great advantages of this model of HP servers is that it supports a wide range of processors, volumes and various models of RAMs and HDDs and SSDs. Until the ninth generation, these servers used Intel Xeon E Series processors, which led to processing limitations.

But from the tenth generation onwards, with the introduction and support of Intel Xeon Scalable processors, these limitations were largely removed and the processing power of G10 servers was improved.

HPE ProLiant Server

Other important and very useful features of the HP ProLiant G10 server include the ability to use NVMe storage, cloud computing, and more advanced controllers.

The HPE brand has used features such as agility, security and economic management in its HP ProLiant servers due to the fact that its products are becoming more popular among organizations and improving the quality of this type of servers. The HP ProLiant Gen10 server is equipped with the latest network protection and security technologies, which saves money.

Important Features of G10 HP ProLiant Server

  • Full compatibility with NVDIMM memory types
  • Support for new AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards
  • Compatible with RAID 10th generation controllers
  • Better security and management with ILO 5 support
  • Ability to support 10 generation high frequency memory
  • More storage capacity and higher transfer speed than other servers
  • Ability to support first and second generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors
HP ProLiant Server

Ability to support Intel Xeon Scalable processors

One of the important criteria in choosing a server for organizations is the type of processor. G10 HP ProLiant Servers, for example, support the first and second generations of Intel-branded Scalable processors, which can significantly enhance the capabilities of these servers.

One of the important features of XEON processors used in these servers is that these processors are designed for heavy computing and processing. These processors also have the ability to support ECC RAMs (Error Correction Code memory) and use them as a multiprocessor. The same features have been upgraded in Intel Scalable processors.

The following is a series of Intel Scalable family of processors compatible with the G10 server:

  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Series 8100/8200
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Series 6100/6200
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Series 5100/5200
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Series 4100/4200
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Series 3100/3200

In computer networks or when performing heavy processing with servers, if the operations entrusted to the server are performed in parallel, the speed of operations will be higher. Dual-core processors are required to perform parallel operations. The speed of jobs is directly related to the number of processor cores, and the higher the number of processor cores, the faster the processing. It is worth noting that the G10 server fully supports 4 to 28-core processors.

Powerful CPUs supported by the HP ProLiant G10 server include the Intel Xeon Platinum 8165, which has 24 logical cores and 48 virtual cores. The processor cache is 33 MB with a frequency of 2666 is connected to DDR4 RAM. Its processing frequency is 2.30 GHz and in turbo mode it is 3.70.

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