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What is HP Converged Server?

Innovation disrupted every company in every industry. Technology is lowering barriers to entry, while consumerization is driving outside-in change. In the new idea economy, success will be determined by your ability to transform IT to meet new consumer and business expectations and grow your business in new ways. HP licensed Converged System powered by Intel can help.

HPE Converged Server

A converged infrastructure combines computing, network, storage, and IT management in a preconfigured package that functions as a single system.

Converged Infrastructure Definition

Converged Infrastructure is a hardware-defined solution designed to overcome the limitations and inefficiencies of the traditional IT computing and storage. To minimize compatibility issues and simplify management, converged solutions bring together computing, networking, storage, systems management and software in a preconfigured package that operates and manages as a single converged system that offers better value for money.

Why converged infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure enables organizations to use their computing resources more efficiently and cost-effectively, reduce IT management costs, and accelerate software and service delivery. Converged infrastructure is seen by many as the first step in moving towards a software or service defined infrastructure. It offers:

  • Greater Control: Allows simultaneous management of multiple functions and devices
  • Faster Deployment: Reduces deployment time from three weeks to less than an hour
  • Faster IT Response: Provides the flexibility to respond to changing market and business priorities
  • Easier Path to Cloud drive and cloud computing: Facilitates deployment of private or hybrid Clouds
  • Easier Management Infrastructure – Centralizes server, network, and storage management to streamline day-to-day maintenance
  • Scalable Storage Capacity – Common fabrics and protocols built into the converged infrastructure make adding gigabytes much easier, simpler and faster

HP Converged Infrastructure Solutions

HP lisenced Converged Infrastructure Solutions combine virtualization, automation, and unified infrastructure management software into pre-engineered, tested, and workload-optimized systems.

These systems are software-defined for easy integration into existing infrastructure and rapid transition to hybrid cloud deployment models. With HP Converged Infrastructure solutions, you can deploy pre-validated, factory-tested configurations in weeks instead of months and deploy IT services in minutes instead of hours.

HPE Converged License

HP Converged Servers 500

Converged Servers for SAP HANA

Converged 500 Servers for SAP HANA Scalable configurations enable you to harness the power of in-memory computing with SAP HANA applications for real-time business outcomes running on a mission-critical, optimized infrastructure provided high performance. Converged System 500 scale-up configurations for SAP HANA are purpose-built, optimized, and pre-integrated systems built with mission-critical reliability you can count on.

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Converged Server 700

Converged Server 700 for Helion CloudSystem 9 offers customers a fully curated OpenStack Cloud that is fully validated, integrated and delivered as OpenStack Cloud in a Box, supported as a complete solution (HW+SW) with Complete Lifecycle support. These powerful and flexible converged servers bring the economics and agility of the cloud to on-premises IT, all operating in a software-defined environment. This licensed HP solution now offers the fastest path to a hybrid and OpenStack solution to help organizations securely move to the cloud.

Converged Server 700x

HP CloudSystem, based on Converged Server 700x, offers one of the most open private cloud solutions on the market, supporting environments with multiple operating systems, multiple hypervisors and heterogeneous infrastructures. CloudSystem is built on HP Cloud OS, the OpenStack technology foundation shared by all converged cloud offerings, giving you peace of mind that your journey to the cloud remains integrated while remaining open and flexible.

Converged Server 100

Converged Server 100 for Hosted Desktops is an all-in-one system that provides 180 separate desktops for Citrix XenDesktop environments. Delivers a consistent and reliable PC experience for the most demanding mobile workforce while improving total cost of ownership and reducing power consumption.  Converged Server 100 for hosted desktops improves security with data and application centralization.

AppSystem for Hadoop

Need to be able to analyze your big data without worrying about the platform? HP AppSystem for Apache Hadoop is a highly scalable, enterprise-ready platform that is assembled and configured when you receive it, rather than spending weeks building it in-house. Preinstalled software includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Cloudera Enterprise Core, and HP Insight CMU for cluster lifecycle management, and HP Vertica Community Edition.

 AppSystem for Vertica

Do you want to reduce the time and complexity of implementing big data analytics? HP AppSystem for Vertica accelerates time to value with massively scalable, high-performance analytics at every layer of IT infrastructure: server, storage, network, and management. Built with industry-standard components on a converged infrastructure, AppSystem’s pre-integrated technology stack for Vertica includes a specially optimized hardware configuration, a pre-installed operating system and the HP Vertica Analytics platform environment.

Converged Server 200-HC StoreVirtual

The Converged Server 200-HC StoreVirtual System and its licenses is based on extensive innovation and hypervisor from HP and is a virtualization platform for VMware vSphere that combines high-performance computing, highly available storage, hypervisor and management functions into a single scalable appliance. The compact 2U/4-node form factor enables midsize and enterprise customers with remote offices and branch offices to virtualize a variety of workloads ranging from OLTP databases to virtual desktops.

HP Converged Server

Converged Server 250-HC StoreVirtual

Built on extensive HP innovation and hypervisor, the Converged Server 250-HC StoreVirtual is a virtualized infrastructure platform that combines high-performance compute, highly available storage, and hypervisor and management capabilities in a single, scalable appliance. Outside of the device. The compact 2U/4-node form factor enables midsize businesses and customers in remote branches and offices to virtualize a variety of workloads ranging from OLTP databases to virtual desktops. The 250-HC StoreVirtual Converged Server is ready for production in 15 minutes.

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HP CN1000E 2P Converged Reman Adapter : RMKT – Converged Network Adapter – Commercial.


HP CN1100E 2P Conv Network Reman Adptr:RMKT – Converged Network Adapter – Commercial.


HP Insight Control for Convergedsystems with 1yr Technical Support and Updates 24×7 Flexible Remanufactured License:RMKT […]


HP Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2 Socket Server for Convergedsystems 3yr 24×7 Remanufactured License:RMKT – […]


HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA 14.4TB 3PAR Remanufactured Controller:Unclassified.


HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA 28.8TB 3PAR Remanufactured Controller:Unclassified.


HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA 7.2TB 3PAR Remanufactured Controller:Unclassified.


HP ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA 3.6TB Drive Remanufactured Enclosure:Unclassified.


HPE FE Deploymnt for ConvergedSystem SVC.


HPE Converged Management Workshop SVC:Standalone Serv Data Center Transformation.


HPE Converged Management Workshop SVC : Standalone Serv Data Center Transformation.


HPE Converged Management Workshop SVC : Standalone Serv Data Center Transformation.