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To create digital transformation in organizations and businesses, it is necessary to process data faster to meet new challenges in competitive environments and to have balance and quality in the implementation of business applications. This means optimizing infrastructure for cloud, traditional and hybrid loads while maintaining cost savings, flexibility, and simplicity of operation.

HP BladeSystem allows administrators and users to optimize costs, change old server infrastructure and scale business performance. Using software like HP OneView, it puts your business and organization’s blade servers on a new scalable and secure experience.

HPE Blade Server

HP Server Softwares

Software such as HP OneView and other licensed programs for managing computer network infrastructure in organizations with efficient workflow automation, a modern dashboard and a comprehensive ecosystem for business and enterprise partners. On the other hand, these types of programs use a programmed and software-defined method.

Rapid deployment of infrastructure

Equip your organization’s IT infrastructure with automated prefabricated templates. In this way, you can respond more quickly to changing the business requirements and business environment of your organization. Automated templates created by HP professionals help your team quickly build and update computing, data storage and network resources.

Increase Productivity

Perform configuration and resource monitoring with the integrated HP OneView API with a scalable infrastructure ecosystem. When your software and ISV developers have the ability to deploy infrastructure as code, you have the opportunity to create more level-up and accountability services for your organization or company.

HP Blade Server types

In the following, we will explain some models of HP blade servers in more detail. It should be noted that each of these models has its own licenses.

HP ProLiant BL660c Server Blade

HP ProLiant BL660c Server Blade is a product of HP that is used for database virtualization, processing in businesses and organizations and applications that require 4 processors. This licensed product is ideal for networks where fine-tuning of data center space and cost control are important.

This blade server is used to meet any need for work, with a focus on flexibility, more storage options, faster input and output, and more powerful processing. The BL660c Server Blade, with support for Intel® Xeon® E5-4600 v3 or v4 processors, offers a new definition of high density 4-socket optimized blade technology. This function can be exploited without compromising the network.

The HP DDR4 SmartMemory offers up to a 33% increase in performance over the previous generation of blade servers. Additional HP support includes support for 2 NVMe SSDs, array classification options, 12 Gbps SAS, and USB3.

HPE ProLiant BL660c Server Blade

HP ProLiant BL460 Server Blade

The HP ProLiant BL460c Server Blade is another licensed product from the large HP Company, designed for a wide range of configuration options and processing needs. This solution provides the flexibility to optimize the core IT programs of organizations with storage in the right size for the right workload. The HP ProLiant BL460c now boosts Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 processors by up to 21% over the previous generation, plus 2400 MT / s HP DDR4 SmartMemory by up to 33% Offers higher performance. Additional HP support for this product includes storage controller classification options, 12GB SAS T support for M.2, NVMe, and HP ProLiant stable memory options.

HP ProLiant BL920s Server Blade

The HP ProLiant BL920s Server Blade is another product from this large company that provides services for the HP Superdome X server. The specifications of BL920s are as follows:

  • It has 2 FlexLOM slots.
  • It has 3 mezzanine slots (1 x8, 2 x16) PCIe gen3.
  • It has 48 DIMM slots for DDR4 (Gen9) or DDR3 (Gen8) memory.
  • This product includes two Intel E7 v4 or E7 v3 processors. (It should be noted that the available processors depend on the blade model)
  • The XNC2 chipset utilizes 2 to 16 sockets for smooth, high-performance scalability, in addition to the RAS features of the vital operations class.

HP Blade Server Inclusions

In the following, we will introduce some inclusions made by HP Company

HP BladeSystem c7000

The HP-manufactured BladeSystem c7000 chassis provides network administrators with the maximum power, cooling and input and output infrastructure needed to support modular servers. It could also connect and store new hardware over the next few years. This chassis has a size of 10U and a maximum capacity of 16 blades of the server or storage along with network connection modules. This device is a non-stop and fast platform with a rate of 7Tbps for connecting server blades to the network and shared storage space. Power in this product is provided by a back-end power supply with integrated energy, and the flexibility of the power input is provided by selecting single-phase AC input, 3-phase AC input, DC-48V input and high voltage DC input.

HPE BladeSystem c7000HPE BladeSystem c7000

HP BladeSystem c3000

The HP BladeSystem c3000 Platinum chassis, which brings unique capabilities to network administrators through the HP BladeSystem. This product is ideal for use in the following cases:

  • Can be used in small offices or remote sites.
  • Use in places with limited rack power and cooling capacity.
  • For use during processing that requires a maximum of eight servers per chassis.
  • It can also be used in data centers that require power connections to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or wall outlets 100-120 volts. Similar to the c7000 enclosure, intelligent management through the Onboard Administrator, which this Inclusion provides to organizations, allows network administrators to have complete control over their c3000 blade infrastructure. Each c3000 enclosure contains moving parts of infrastructure cables, power supplies and fans, network and redundancy. The economical HP c3000 solution includes useful features that save time, money and energy, while making changes quick and easy. The result will be more convenience during start-up, maintenance and daily

Note: All the mentioned features can be activated using HP license tiers.

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HP Superdome X BL920s Gen9 8890 2.5GHz 36-core Server Blade.


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