HP SAN Director License

Nowadays, we are witnessing exponential growth in server virtualization, mission-critical workloads, and accelerated all-flash storage technologies. This surge poses an ever-increasing demand for 100% availability and reliability. With the integration of the HP SAN Director License, the challenge intensifies, leading to increased infrastructure complexity and higher management costs.

The HP SAN Director License boosts HP's SAN performance.

To address ever-evolving business demands, organizations need an infrastructure that offers enhanced consistency, predictability, and performance. As data expands, the network, bolstered by the HPE SAN Director Switch, must adapt. Flash-based memory stands out as a pivotal advancement, with its remarkable speed and cost-efficiency driving data center evolution. Soon, NVMe over Fabrics will elevate the value of flash memory, necessitating networks with minimal latency, vast bandwidth, and superior reliability.

HP SAN Director Switch Family B-Series

The licensed HP StoreFabric SAN Directors, industry-leading Fiber Channel switching infrastructure solutions, combine breakthrough performance, scalability, and power efficiency with data protection, while also offering simplified manageability.

HP SN8600B 32 GB SAN Director Series

HP offers the most comprehensive and licensed SAN Director Gen 6 (32 GB) products. The SN8600B Gen 6 (32 GB) SAN Directors combine innovative hardware, software, and embedded network sensors to ensure unparalleled operational resiliency and manageability. They redefine application performance in the industry. With a breakthrough 32 Gbps throughput, they accelerate application response time, eliminate I/O bottlenecks, and harness the full power of next-generation NVMe-based and flash storage.

Consistently delivering 99.99999999 percent availability in the world’s most demanding data centers. With non-disruptive, hot-pluggable components and a no-single-point-of-failure design, the SN8600B is truly the enterprise-class director for today’s storage infrastructure.

The HP SN8600B SAN Director Switch is available in two modular form factors to increase business agility with seamless storage connectivity and flexible deployment offerings.

Designed for large enterprise networks

The SN8600B 8-Slot Director, enhanced with the HPE SAN Director License, is a 14U chassis with eight vertical blade slots. It supports up to 384 32Gbps Fiber Channel device ports and an additional 32 ICL (Interchassis link) at 128 Gbps. This configuration provides up to 16.2 Tbps of chassis bandwidth, making it ideal for addressing next-generation bandwidth and I/O-intensive applications.

Designed for medium-sized networks

The SN8600B 4-Slot Director, integrated with the HP SAN Director Switch, features four horizontal blade slots. It supports up to 192 32Gbps Fiber Channel device ports and an additional 16 128Gbps ICL ports. This setup provides up to 8 Tbps of aggregate chassis bandwidth, making it the ideal foundation for heavily virtualized environments.

Each blade slot can be populated with two optional

  • For device connectivity, the HP StoreFabric 48-Port Fiber Channel Port Blade offers 48 ports at 32 Gbps each. It is available in two options: bundled with 48 x 32GB SFP+ and a standard configuration.
  • To support long-distance disaster recovery and data protection storage solutions, the HP StoreFabric SAN Extension Blade offers 16 ports of 32 Gbps Fiber Channel connectivity, 16 ports of 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connectivity, and 2 ports of 40GbE connectivity for Fiber Channel and IP replication traffic. It is available in two options: bundled with 16 32GB SFP+ and a standard configuration.

The HP SN8000B is a 16GB SAN Director for enhanced connectivity.

HP SN8000B 16 GB SAN Director Series

The SN8000B directors are designed to unlock the full potential of private cloud storage and virtualization. Offering increased scalability, port density, performance, reliability, and 16Gbps capability, the SN8000B Directors serve as the strategic platform for transforming today’s SAN fabrics into cloud-optimized SANs.

The licensed HP SN8000B SAN Directors Switch is based on the same core technology and comes in two form factors. The SN8000B 8-Slot Director, a 14U chassis, supports both 8 GB and 16 GB Fiber Channel blades. This design allows large enterprises to achieve greater scalability, port density, performance, and functionality.

The SN8000B 4-Slot Director, integrated with the HP SAN Director License, is a 9U chassis that supports both 8Gb and 16Gb Fiber Channel blades, making it suitable for medium-sized businesses as the core of their SANs. The SN8000B SAN Directors can accommodate up to 512 16Gb FC ports using the 64-port 16Gb Fiber Channel blade. These directors also feature up to 32 QSFP-based Inter-Chassis Links (ICLs), equivalent to 128 16Gb FC ports. With Fiber Channel blade options, such as 32-, 48-, and 64-port 16-Gb Blades, they provide up to 10.2 Tbit/s total aggregate bandwidth and 1024 Gbit/s slot bandwidth. This makes them the optimal foundation for private cloud storage and highly virtualized environments.

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HP SN8600B 32GB SAN Director

Purpose-built for enterprise deployments, this solution is designed to meet the continued growth and demands of mission-critical applications. Featuring Gen 6 (32 GB) Fiber Channel, the SN8600B delivers unmatched 32 GB performance, making it the ideal platform for large enterprise environments requiring greater capacity, enhanced performance, and superior resiliency.

The HP SN8600B is a 32GB SAN Director offering advanced data solutions.

Key features

  • It improves operational stability, maximizes application performance, and enhances business agility with enterprise-class Gen 6 directors.
  • It consolidates infrastructure using 128 Gbps ICL connectivity, resulting in a simpler, flatter design.
  • Lower-latency by automating monitoring and Diagnostics.
  • It automatically detects degraded applications or device performance using embedded network sensors.
  • It extends remote replication, offering a highly scalable extension solution for Fiber Channel, IP, and FICON.
  • It simplifies configuration automation and enables Integrated Advanced Services across the fabric using the REST API standard.
  • It integrates next-generation NVMe over Fabrics seamlessly with Gen 6 Fiber Channel networks, eliminating the need for disruptive interruptions and swaps.
  • It mitigates risk with backward compatibility and further protects future investments with Gen 7-ready support.

HP SN8000B 16GB SAN Director

The HPE SAN Director Switch provides a reliable, scalable, and high-performance Fiber Channel switching foundation for private cloud storage and highly virtualized environments. Designed to enhance business agility, the HP SAN Director License ensures continuous access to information, while also reducing infrastructure and management costs. The SN8000B Director family:

  • This licensed solution unlocks the full potential of private cloud storage, offering unmatched scalability, performance, and reliability.
  • It enables simpler, lower-latency, and thinner chassis connectivity, reducing complexity, management, and deployment costs.
  • The network optimizes the connectivity of remote data centers, offering built-in high-performance Metro and global connectivity.
  • It simplifies and centralizes end-to-end Storage Area Network (SAN) management, offering comprehensive diagnostics, monitoring, and automation, surpassing the performance of competitive offerings.
  • It maximizes overall performance for I/O- and bandwidth-intensive programs, delivering more than seven times the performance of competitive offerings.

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