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Acting as the backbone of the digital world, servers are computers that maintain a constant connection to the Internet, ever-ready to process and respond to requests from other machines. Their role is pivotal in enabling the sharing of hardware and software resources.

HP Hardware, an institutional powerhouse in this realm, is renowned for its formidable servers, marking it as one of the most advanced players in the industry. The institutional role of HPE Hardware License extends beyond servers, as it has pioneered a diverse array of storage solutions, network equipment, and data centers, further cementing its standing in the hardware industry

HPE Hardware License

HP Hardware delivers diverse servers, storage, and networking solutions for modern business needs.

Introducing various HP servers, a crucial part of HP Hardware

There are different types of HP servers, each of which can be used in different network structures to meet different needs. In the following, we will explain more about the different models of HP servers. To activate various port functions on the HPE servers, specific HP License types would be required.

  • HP SimpliVity
  • HP Apollo
  • HP ProLiant dl
  • HP ProLiant ml
  • HP ProLiant blade
  • HP Synergy
  • HP Superdome Flex
  • HP Composable rack
  • HP CloudLine
  • HP EdgeLine

HP SimpliVity 

A highly efficient model of HPE Hardware at the enterprise level that has the ability to help software performance and efficiency, backup and improve virtual machines. 

HP Apollo 

These types of HP Hardware are optimized for large processing computing and complex data analysis streams. 

HP ProLiant dl 

Servers optimized for use in racks and in accordance with the security standards of industrial servers (the most popular servers). 

HP Synergy 

This model of HP Hardware License is built from an infrastructure of combinable blade servers that are capable of working in any environment and hybrid cloud work environment. 

HP Superdome Flex 

This model of HP Hardware uses a special, parallel architecture for small space use. In fact, the launch of these servers was a turning point in speeding up performance computing, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. 

HP Composable rack 

A hybrid cloud platform with a flexible design that is capable of rack-scale adaptability and can run cloud computing on local networks. 

HP ProLiant ml 

These servers are tower servers for medium and small businesses that easily work with your hybrid or internal cloud infrastructure. 

HP CloudLine 

A type of server with a flexible and free design for cloud data centers 

HP EdgeLine 

This type of server combines all OT and IT structures at the enterprise class level. This type of server with its features can provide us with the best and most advanced calculations. 

HP ProLiant blade 

These product of HPE Hardware are very similar to proLiant dl. But the difference between this type of server and the proLiant dl model is that it is a model of servers that are placed vertically in the rack and take up much less space. As a result, a large number of servers and network equipment can be accommodated in a small space. 

HPE Hardware

In general, there are three things that the user needs to consider when choosing an HP server: 

  1. Number of users
  2. Processing power
  3. The required processing volume

If you have more users, it is better to either go to proLiant ml series servers or proLiant dl series servers. 

ProLiant dl Part of HP Hardware’s Product 

These servers made by HP are much more powerful than the other models mentioned. These servers can be installed in the rack and for this reason they are also known as rackmount servers. Dl proLiant models consist of a wide range of servers and server generations. Among the dl series servers, we can mention dl 700, dl 100, dl 300, dl 500, dl 900 models. 

It should be noted that the 380 dl and 360 dl series are the best-selling servers in most countries. These two models have two and four processors, as well as twenty four and ninety six RAM slots, respectively, which offer great power for processing and providing services to users. 

Rackmount servers have all the features of other servers and can be installed with all hardware components to increase processing power, security and storage space. These servers also support the latest HPE hardware License technologies. 

HP ProLiant dl380p GB server 

These HPE Hardware are from the 8th generation of 2u series servers that have 2 CPU slots. This server can support two types of server hard drive formats as needed. Increased flexibility in configuration, high performance and design based on increased energy efficiency, has made this server a good choice for a business. 

HPE Hardware

Review the HP ProLiant dl 380p g8 hardware 

Both processor slots of this server support Intel Xeon e5-2600 Series 1 and 2 series processors. 

Design and construction 

This server is designed and built in such a way that it can be slid by rails. Therefore, network administrators and IT managers can check the health of the server hardware with a quick check by the LEDs on the front of the server. 

Cooling system 

In most chassis servers, cooling and cable management go hand in hand. The fans can be adjusted by temperature sensors and even by the network administrator and have high flexibility in winding. 

Power supply 

The power supplies available in the dl 380p proLiant series servers are designed to be up to 94% efficient. This server has the ability to install two additional power supplies. 

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