HP aruba switch

What is the HP aruba switch?

HP aruba switch: Legacy networks are being destroyed by IoT usage that is on the rise, the demand for cloud services, and business-critical mobility.

In order to scale to handle the enormous amounts of data generated at the network edge and connect new devices and users quickly and safely, today’s enterprise networks must be able to deliver always-on performance that delights users and speeds up business. In order to help IT operate, manage, and secure the network more effectively, the network must also reduce complexity with clever, automated insights.

The licensed HP Aruba CX switches are an essential component of the Unified Infrastructure as they are a part of Aruba’s Edge Services Platform (ESP).

What is the HP aruba switch?

HP aruba switch

Automation, embedded analytics, high availability, and secure segmentation are built into CX switches, and the licensed HP aruba switch Central provides a unified, single view of the network that maximizes operational efficiency across enterprise networks.

Built on cloud-native principles, the CX switch portfolio gives IT the freedom to deploy a single switch operating system from edge access to the data center that supports intuitive management tools, clever automation, and distributed analytics that transform the experience of an IT network operator.

You can confidently lay the groundwork for your network’s future with the help of all of these long-lasting benefits, simplified ownership, and industry-leading warranties.

Network challenges

Complexity in operations

Resource-constrained IT teams are overburdened by having to deal with different network operating systems, oversubscribed hardware, and complicated software licensing. It is more crucial than ever to have better network visibility and an easier way to segment traffic as more IoT devices connect to the network and raise new security concerns.

Poor visibility and control

It can be difficult to swiftly identify the main reason for an application or network slowdown. Existing network analytic tools offer fragmented data with few practical insights because they are typically operated by external devices using separately purchased software. The pressure on IT teams to diagnose and fix problems right away is increasing due to high network traffic volumes and network access that is essential for business operations.

The pace is too fast for legacy networks

The network has been completely disrupted by the switch to digital, from the edge to the core. The amount of data crossing enterprise networks is growing exponentially as mobile users demand high-performance video, voice, and cloud applications to improve collaboration, business, and learning. Closed system architectures with highly manual, hard-coded configurations that limit the adoption of new technologies required to support time-sensitive networking services and 24 x 7 access are a barrier to the development of aging networks.

Aruba CX Switching Solutions

With automation powered by AI and segmentation based on policy, HP aruba switch makes managing today’s networks less complicated.

Our family of switches are made for today’s most demanding enterprise campus, branch, and data center networks. They are constructed from the ground up using a combination of cutting-edge hardware and the robust AOS-CX operating system.

The licensed HP Aruba’s switching ASICs are the foundation for unrivaled performance, cutting-edge software feature developments, and profound network visibility because they are the result of over 30 years of continuous investment. These 7th generation programmable ASICs are designed specifically for a tighter integration of switch hardware and software in campus and data center architectures to maximize network performance and accelerate the development of new innovations. Flexible ASIC resources offer advantages like high-performance Virtual Output Queuing (VOQ), which optimizes switch port usage by preventing head-of-line blocking and enables Aruba Network Analytics Engine (NAE) to inspect all data for better analytics and troubleshooting.

The licensed HP Aruba switches offer industry-leading monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities across the network by integrating a contemporary, fully programmable network operating system with NAE. Contextual analytics and deep visibility streamline network operations, lessen network complexity, and speed up response times.

Edge access to the data center using a single OS

AOS-CX from Aruba is a cutting-edge, database-driven network switch operating system that provides campus, branch, and data center networks with automation, distributed analytics, security, and high availability. It scales from basic access to high availability data center switching and is built with a microservices architecture to automate and simplify IT operations. AOS-CX reduces complexity with a consistent operator experience, a streamlined network design, and unified management across the entire network by removing silos of distinct switch architectures for different deployments, such as branch office and campus.

What is the HP aruba switch?

HP aruba switch


AI-powered management that is unified

With the management of all network infrastructure being centralized, Aruba Central is an AI-powered solution that makes IT operations simpler, increases agility, and lowers costs. Aruba Central is your single point of visibility and control that spans the entire network—from branch to data center, wired and wireless LAN to WAN—and is built for enterprise-grade resiliency and security while being straightforward enough for smaller businesses with limited IT staff.

With streamlined workflows for tasks like virtual switch stack creation, automated monitoring using AI-powered insights and NAE, as well as a unified view of all devices and users, both wired and wireless, Aruba Central, which is available as a cloud-based or on-premises solution, is made to simplify day zero through day two operations. Configuration, onboarding, monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting are all included in a switch management solution’s comprehensive capabilities.

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Monitoring and diagnostics built in

The HP aruba switch Network Analytics Engine (NAE) gives network-wide insights in real-time so that problems can be quickly identified, given priority, and fixed as they arise. Rules-based, in-the-moment monitoring and intelligent notifications automatically correlate to configuration changes to speed up diagnostic procedures and address problems before they have an impact on users and the business.

Network operators can quickly identify and troubleshoot a network, the system, the application, and security-related issues by utilizing python and CLI-based agents and REST APIs. These capabilities are built into a select set of the licensed HP Aruba CX switches. Network operators can quickly triage and address issues thanks to a built-in Time Series Database (TSDB) that stores configuration and operational state data. Additionally, this information can be used to analyze historical patterns, spot anomalies, and forecast future issues brought on by performance, security, and scale bottlenecks.

Switch monitoring, analytics, and improved troubleshooting for wired assurance are provided by Aruba Central using NAE and agents. The intelligence to incorporate NAE alerts into IT service management processes, speeding up problem resolution, is provided by third-party tools like ServiceNow and Slack as well as Aruba NetEdit.

Automated configuration rollouts and validation

IT teams are given the tools they need by the licensed HP Aruba CX switching portfolio to coordinate numerous switch configuration changes for seamless, end-to-end service rollouts. CX switches support automation, which enables safe, quick network-wide changes and guarantees policy conformance following network updates.

This automation is supported by HP Aruba Central’s multi edit mode or standalone HP Aruba NetEdit. Search, edit, validation (including conformance checking), deployment, and audit features are among the intelligent capabilities. Strong monitoring and troubleshooting analytics from across the network can be quickly visualized, analyzed, and used as a basis for action thanks to tight integration with NAE.

Aruba 2930F Switch Series

With an integrated wired and wireless approach, the Aruba 2930F Switch Series is made for customers building smart digital workplaces that are optimized for mobile users.

With sophisticated security and network management tools like the licensed HP aruba switch ClearPass Policy Manager, Aruba AirWave, and cloud-based Aruba Central, these practical Layer 3 network switches come with built-in uplinks and PoE power and are easy to deploy and manage.

A strong Aruba ProVision ASIC offers performance, reliable feature support, and value with programmability for the most recent applications. The Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) stacking method offers simplicity and scalability. No software licensing is necessary for the 2930F to support built-in 1GbE or 10GbE uplinks, PoE, Access OSPF routing, Dynamic Segmentation, robust QoS, RIP routing, and IPv6.

A practical and affordable access switch solution is offered by the licensed HP Aruba 2930F Switch Series, which offers Zero Touch Provisioning for quick setup. An extensive lifetime warranty is part of the Layer 3 feature set.

HP aruba switch

HP aruba switch


Aruba 2930F Switch Series Key Features

  • OpenFlow and REST API support make software defined ready.
  • Zero Touch Provisioning facilitates straightforward deployment.
  • 1GbE or 10GbE uplinks and up to 740 W PoE are conveniently built-in.
  • Aruba Layer 3 switch series with robust QoS, VSF stacking, static, RIP, and Access OSPF routing.
  • Supports cutting-edge security and network management through Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager, HP aruba switch AirWave, and Aruba Central.

Aruba 2930F Key Capabilities

Wired and wireless support combined
  • Allows for the use of Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager to support unified wired and wireless policies.
  • ClearPass can perform accounting for clients who have static IP addresses thanks to static IP visibility.
  • Switch auto-configuration sets switches up automatically for various settings, including VLAN, CoS, and PoE max. When an Aruba access point is found, PoE priority and power are prioritized.
  • In terms of security, authentication, and QoS, the User Role defines a set of switch-based policies. Using switch-based local user roles or downloads from ClearPass, a user role can be given to a collection of users or devices.
  • Dynamic Segmentation offers a secure tunnel that carries network traffic to an HP aruba switch Controller on a per-port or per-user role basis. Users are authenticated by the ClearPass Policy Manager in a per-user role Tunnel Node, which then directs traffic to be tunneled to a local HP Aruba controller or switch.
  • HP aruba switch Dynamic Segmentation automatically enforces user, device, and application-aware policies on Aruba wired and wireless networks for improved network simplicity and security. Enhancing visibility and performance for a better overall experience for IT and end users alike are provided by automated device profiling, role-based access control, and Layer 7 firewall features.

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