iLO Advance

HPE has offered iLO in three different levels for easy use, categorization and management of users’ needs. These three levels have the same foundation and only the more advanced features and accesses they provide for users have been differentiated. By using various types of iLO licenses, HPE industrial standard servers can be optimized for the business environment.

HP iLO Advance

Types of iLO licenses offered at three levels:

● iLO standard
● iLO advanced
● iLO advanced premium security edition

iLO advanced premium security edition license can be used on 5th generation servers. It means that it is not possible to use this license in (iLO 4,3,2).

The difference between types of licenses

In iLO5, there are three license levels that users can benefit from different types depending on their needs and the level of security they want. Note that iLO standard is the default iLO, and these are HP iLO advanced and iLO advanced premium security editions, which provide additional services and facilities to you users.

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Features of iLO advanced license

In iLO advanced, many features are considered for users. Among the features and capabilities of this iLO5 license, the following can be mentioned:
● iLO amplifier
● virtual media
● iLO federation
● Remote console
● Directory services
● Remote system logs
● Arcsight unique connector
● CAC 2-factor Authentication
● Kerberos2_factor Authentication

In this regard, HPE company has presented an application called (hpe one view). This application allows you to fully monitor and manage your servers. You can access and use this application only by installing iLO advanced on your mobile phone or computer system.
Power meter and location discovery service are among the facilities that iLO has provided you by default. But it is better to know that you can use it only by having iLO advanced.

Remote system logs

With this feature, logs can be stored remotely in another place.

Remote console

With this feature, you can connect to the server remotely. This function is similar to a remote desktop in Windows. Of course, the iLO standard also has the function of a remote console, but with the difference that it gives you remote connection access until the operating system has started working. And after the operating system starts working, your connection with the server will be disconnected. Therefore, by benefiting from iLO advanced, you will be able to use the remote console unlimitedly.

HPE iLO Advanced

Virtual media

This feature allows you to mount your desired media, such as (DVD, USB) for your server. Normally, when you want to install the desired operating system on the server, you insert the DVD or USB on which the operating system is stored into the server and then boot the server.
The virtual media feature allows you to not have to do these steps when installing the operating system or any required application. That means you can remotely mount the DVD or USB connected to your laptop for the server.

Directory services

Another feature of the iLO advanced license that can be mentioned is the Directory services feature, which can be integrated with the active directory and users who enter iLO can be defined as user credentials in the active directory.

iLO federation

It is another feature that we can use only with an iLO advanced license. In general, iLO federation allows you to manage other servers by accessing iLO from one of the servers in the data center.

iLO amplifier

It is also one of the facilities that we can use only by having iLO advanced. By using iLO amplifier, server firmwares can be updated remotely.

Features of iLO advanced premium security edition license

The highest level of encryption provides continuous and uninterrupted command execution, OS authentication, secure NAND / NOR memory erasure on iLO5 and secure recovery.


The ROM system checks the firmwares and iLO and if there was no attack on your server, it allows the server to start working.
Therefore, in order to ensure that the server is not attacked, steps are taken which are called silicon root of trust. iLO5, which was introduced with G10 servers, has three license models. iLO advanced premium security license.

Automatic secure recovery

This feature is available to you if your server firmwares is attacked by viruses etc. It automatically recovers the server and the server starts working.
Because as we know, one of the types of attacks that may take place is an attack on firmware ROMs. This means that the operating system cannot solve this problem, and antivirus cannot help us in this regard. In case of such a problem, automatic secure recovery will perform automatic recovery and the server can continue its activity.

Run time FW validation

which is available in the iLO advanced premium security edition license, automatically validates all firmwares and checks the firmwares to make sure that there is no attack.

iLO Advanced

Secure erase NAND / NOR Data

If you intend to hand over your server to another unit, you can use this option to erase all the data and settings you had on your server and they cannot be recovered anymore. The CNSA feature is an algorithm for greater server security, which this license supports.
Finally, we come to the conclusion that the licenses available in iLO5 are very useful, they will help you to manage and access them more easily. Also, the security layers of your HPE server will be strengthened and you will no longer have to worry about data loss, virus attacks, etc.

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