HPE VSAN ReadyNode

A distributed, shared data store is created by pooling direct-attached storage devices across a VMware vSphere server virtualization cluster using the software-defined storage solution VMware vSANTM.

Using Reference Builds and CTO Menus, Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides VMware vSAN ReadyNodeTM configurations based on HP ProLiant License servers and supports, certifies, and sells them. These simple-to-order configurable bundles are constructed on HP ProLiant servers and are approved in accordance with the licensed HPE vSAN ReadyNode profile specifications as well as several Build-Your-Own (BYO) vSAN Certified configurations.

In order to eliminate uncertainty when creating vSAN ReadyNode configurations, all options available for the Reference Build base configurations have been evaluated, approved, and listed in the VMware hardware compatibility list. The published VMware vSAN ReadyNode Profiles served as the foundation for these HPE configurations.

HPE VSAN ReadyNode HP OneView License HP ProLiant License

With the new VMware vSAN Express Storage Architecture in ESXi 8.0 and all flash 24G SAS, SAS/SATA, and SATA SSD options, HPE VSAN ReadyNode has now released Reference Build configurations for all current shipping ProLiant systems. According to the workload of the customer, HPE VSAN ReadyNode also offers configurations that are optimized for virtualization, data management and processing, accelerated infrastructure, or data warehousing. Customers who want to install ESXi in-house can use Factory Express and select the ESXi version of their choice.

What’s New in the HPE VSAN ReadyNode Solution?

  • Keeping track of SKUs for every server and generation.
  • New ESXi 8.0 vSAN Original Storage Architecture (“OSA”) ReadyNodes.
  • Reference Builds: In OCA, there is a new section for finding the ideal vSAN ReadyNode configurations. Go to “Search from Product Catalog” in OCA and then search for “Reference Builds” and “HyperConverged Infrastructure.”
  • For HPE DL380 Gen10 Plus, HPE DL360 Gen10 Plus (AF-2 through AF-8 and AF-HD), and new HPE 24G SAS SSD, new vSAN Express Storage Architecture (“ESA”) builds have been added. Also added are ReadyNodes and vSAN Certified components for the HPE MR216i and MR416i controllers.

Continue to make changes at a rapid pace

The rate of IT evolution keeps accelerating. The software-defined data center (SDDC), though still a relatively new concept, is anticipated to be able to handle the enormous workloads of the ideal economy, with 44 zettabytes of information and 24 billion IP-connected devices predicted by 2020.1.

The cost, efficiency, and productivity gains offered by the SDDC are a major factor in its adoption.

VMware and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are at the cutting edge of software-defined technology. Together, they are offering solutions to turn the SDDC’s promise into a reality right away.

Any genuine SDDC needs software-defined storage, which uses automation and templates to greatly simplify and streamline storage provisioning and management.

Together, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and VMware have been creating a number of turnkey, software-defined storage solutions for a variety of use cases and workloads. After that, they added the required amounts of memory, networking, an I/O controller, a hard disk drive (HDD), and a solid-state drive (SSD), all of which were installed on an HP ProLiant server. As a result, a portfolio of VMware vSAN ReadyNode is produced. The following are some reliable, cutting-edge, and enterprise-grade hypervisor-converged infrastructure solutions.

  • Full stop.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Quick deployment.
  • Less expensive to operate.
  • Simple to order unmodified or with modifications.

HPE VSAN ReadyNode HP OneView License HP ProLiant License

Advantage of using the HPE VSAN ReadyNode

When you select a preconfigured software-defined storage solution from VMware and Hewlett Packard Enterprise you can obtain following advantages:

  • On the top server platform for VMware vSphere, HP ProLiant, is a turnkey solution that has been thoroughly tested and delivered.
  • Virtualized applications, including mission-critical ones, can benefit from enterprise-class, high-performance storage provided by VMware’s hypervisor-converged storage software, vSAN.
  • With the licensed HPE VSAN ReadyNode you can reduce the overall storage total cost of ownership (TCO) significantly with a scale-out architecture that makes use of server side flash memory and HP ProLiant x86 server technology.
  • Savings in management are made possible by HP OneView License, which unifies the management of servers, storage, and networking across physical and virtual environments—from a single console.
  • The capability of fine-grained scaling up or down of your computing and storage environments.
  • Storage and computers can operate on the same physical host with little overhead thanks to the seamless integration of VMware vSAN with the VMware vSphere Web Client and VMware software stack. This is known as a hypervisor-converged architecture.
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise currently offers a variety of pre-configured and ready-to-use ReadyNode configurations, including hybrid and all-flash profiles for server and VDI workloads.
  • The ability to assemble your own ReadyNode from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise hardware components.
  • Access the Simple Configurator and adhere to the instructions provided. OEM: Select “Hewlett Packard Enterprise,” then the model and “Next steps”.
For more information about HP OneView License, click.

Granting licenses

Per processor licenses are offered for VMware server products. As many licenses as processors installed in your system must be available. Be aware that VMware solution bundles (i. e. Within these licenses, there are particular server and processor boundaries for acceleration kits and essential products. Log into your VMware portal to see which licenses you are eligible for.

HPE VSAN ReadyNode HP OneView License HP ProLiant License

The Entitlement Certificate will contain your entitlement order number. Your entitlement certificate will be included in your shipment if you selected physical delivery. Hewlett Packard Enterprise will send you an email with a link to retrieve your entitlement certificate if you selected electronic delivery, and you can access it by clicking on the link.

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