HPE Infrastructure Security Solutions

HPE Infrastructure Security Solutions

Ensuring security in servers is one of the issues that is very important for network experts. Servers are a place to store information and maintain important documents of an organization. Important documents of a company are stored on the server by employees and shared with other authorized people of the organization.

HPE Infrastructure Security Solutions

HPE Infrastructure Security Solutions

Due to the importance of documents, the security of keeping this information should be high. In most organizations, only authorized individuals can remotely access this information. The issue of HPE Infrastructure security in servers is a fundamental issue in the field of IT. Specialists in this field use a prioritized security checklist as a solution to increase security in servers, which can greatly reduce the percentage of creating security holes.

These solutions are divided into two parts: common solutions and specialized solutions. In general, common solutions include all the things that must be followed under any circumstances, but specialized solutions can be used according to the type of network. We will examine the solutions that HPE has considered in order to increase security in network equipment.

Project Aurora

The NEAR network is one of the powerful blockchains for building and running various applications. But this network does not support the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and therefore many developers cannot build their applications on the NEAR platform. The Aurora Network, a network created under HP License, is a Layer 2 solution in the NEAR protocol that allows developers to build EVM-compatible decentralized applications (DAPPs) on the NEAR network platform.

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The Aurora network consists of two main parts, which are the engine and the blockchain bridge, the Aurora network engine is an Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) based on the NEAR protocol.

HPE Infrastructure GreenLake Central Security

HPE GreenLake Central is a cloud-based platform that provides secure, role-based access to trials, subscriptions, and usage of HPE GreenLake service offerings. HPE GreenLake Central provides service orchestration, a unified cloud experience for applications and data across the customer’s entire HPE GreenLake domain, including private and public clouds, from edge to core.

In HPE GreenLake Central, HPE GreenLake services are accessible through a widget – like HPE Infrastructure for private cloud. Each HPE GreenLake subscription is represented by a specific widget that often provides summary service details. If the customer selects the service and clicks on the relevant widget, he will be redirected to the page dedicated to this service.

HPE GreenLake Central provides a single point of access to cloud management and services within HPE GreenLake. Given its strategic importance, it was built with considerable defenses and high accessibility.

HP Infrastructure Security Solutions

HPE Infrastructure Security Solutions

In the following, we will discuss some of the features of this platform among the many features it has.


With the help of this feature, your network will be much faster and network equipment will have a longer life cycle along with reducing initial costs.


Due to the fact that information is very valuable for companies today, its storage becomes especially important. Information should always be available and can be used quickly, it should also be secure and automated to help business growth and development. By using the GREENLAKE platform, all these features are provided for your saved information.

Machine learning

Considering companies’ interest in using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for faster growth and evolution, this feature is also included in this platform. With the difference that it does not have problems such as: security concerns, inefficient processes and hardware aging.

Creating virtual machines

This feature gives data specialists and DevOps engineers great agility and flexibility to do their jobs. It also provides the power and facilities of virtual machines to your company without spending heavy costs.

Computational ability

Calculations are required in more applications today, and the faster these calculations can be done, the better. HP’s GREENLAKE platform can provide scalability and flexibility faster than before using cloud service.

HP Security Solutions

HPE Infrastructure Security Solutions

Compute Security of HPE Infrastructure

One of the key features that makes HP Security so unique is its ability to recover from an attack. Instead of issuing an alert and relying on an IT team to come to the rescue, HP’s security software takes action by itself by rebooting immediately.

This is the common theme across all the different aspects of HP cybersecurity. It is designed to detect and neutralize threats before they have a chance to be implemented. HP computer security platforms also trigger an automatic recovery and warning before the user even knows what happened. These innovations have earned HP devices the title of “the safest in the world”.

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