HPE GreenLake

Over the past few years, IT teams have had two main options for running workloads: keeping infrastructure on-premises, incurring additional costs, or moving workloads to the cloud and losing control over operations and data protection. Recently, a third option has become possible: the consumption-based model, which enables users to deploy infrastructure on-premises but obtain the same benefits as the cloud. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been at the forefront of this IT effort with its HPE GreenLake program.

HPE GreenLake

Almost all organizations are looking for a suitable hybrid or multi-cloud strategy. Using these strategies has many benefits. Although there are various obstacles in the way of implementing these types of strategies, which include:

  • data volume
  • Security issues
  • and unpredictable costs

HPE is adding to its GreenLake license cloud services program, which includes ransomware self-recovery, data backup, and tools to evaluate and rationalize a company’s efforts to move data to the cloud.

That is why most of the applications cannot be implemented in the cloud environment yet. Therefore, organizations may have to deploy two separate environments at the same time, incurring different costs for each.

HPE seeks to solve this problem with its new GreenLake cloud services. These services will help customers in their desired environment by having a stable operating model with visibility and governance in all organizational programs and data.

New HPE GreenLake services are made for distributed environments. They offer different types of services, which we will examine further. These new HP licensed cloud services can be implemented both in small environments and in medium and large environments, based on pre-integrated blocks. Customers can implement these services in at least 14 days.

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What is HPE GreenLake?

GreenLake is a service offering that brings cloud-like flexibility to data centers and other locations such as satellite and remote offices. At GreenLake, HPE offers a complete, licensed, preconfigured system that includes all the hardware and software you need to get up and running right away.

HPE also manages the system throughout its lifecycle. Instead, customers pay a monthly subscription fee, which is based on a pay-per-use pricing structure similar to many cloud services. With GreenLake, HPE offers a number of infrastructure packages to support different types of workloads. For example, the Virtualization package offers options for implementing a GreenLake solution that runs virtual applications. Also, the Hybrid package offers options for implementing a hybrid software infrastructure. HPE also offers different packages for other things including storage, backup, database management, big data, private cloud and high performance computing.

What is HPE GreenLake?

HPE GreenLake key features

Cloud services for containers

HPE GreenLake cloud services, using the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform, provide the flexibility to run containerized applications in data centers, colocation facilities, multiple public clouds and at the edge.

Cloud services for Machine Learning Operations

Through HPE GreenLake, customers can subscribe to a workload-specific solution built on HPE Ezmeral Container Context and HPE Ezmeral ML Ops for the entire ML lifecycle.

Streamlined, automated management

The licensed HPE GreenLake Central gives you a unified view of all your IT operations and lets you deploy, monitor, and manage your infrastructure with cloud-native controls.

Groundbreaking measurement technology

Enable a pay-per-use on-premises infrastructure payment model based on actual usage; Advanced capacity management based on usage trends reduces overprovisioning and allows capacity to grow ahead of demand.

Cloud services for virtual machines, storage and computing

For customers who want a private cloud, HPE is launching HPE GreenLake cloud services for virtual machines, storage and computing. By providing examples, in a few clicks, these services are also easily implemented. It also has active capacity planning with powerful consumption analysis on the HPE GreenLake central management platform.

Cloud services for data protection

For customers looking to modernize their data protection, HPE makes data backup and recovery seamless and automated for any SLA. From quick recovery to long-term protection. These new cloud services through HPE GreenLake include secure and efficient on-premise backup and enterprise cloud backup service. HPE Cloud Volume Backup enables backup and recovery from the cloud at no extra cost and at the right speed so you can easily use data for recovery, testing, development and analysis.

Innovate faster

Free your workforce to better meet business needs with technology and have more resources for innovation.

Accelerate information and gain control

Put control and information in the hands of those who need it: so you can demonstrate transparency and cost control with consumption analysis.

Use of your data for information and services

The licensed HPE GreenLake helps you create critical data and quick insights for your data science teams to unlock data value and help you transform the services you deliver to your business.

Transform your apps

For both cloud-native and non-cloud native apps, HPE GreenLake offers flexibility to the apps and data they reside in – edge, colocation, data center – enabling your developers to work faster and smarter.

Cloud Services for Edge Intelligent

Today, more than ever, customers are looking to reduce CapEx to streamline their budgeting process and better predict and manage network operating expenses. Aruba’s new managed connectivity services, now available as cloud services through HPE GreenLake, offer its first complete business network under Network as a Service, and with the recently introduced Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) is bringing cloud agility to its Edge layer.

HPE GreenLake key features


New HPE GreenLake services for virtual machines, compute, storage, data protection and intelligent edge are now available worldwide. New cloud services for containers and ML Ops are now available.

Other new GreenLake features include:

  • GreenLake for Data Fabric, a central data store to enable analysis of hybrid environments.
  • GreenLake for Disaster Recovery, designed to enable rapid recovery of compromised systems
  • GreenLake for backup and recovery, providing a single window to backup and manage AWS and on-premises workloads
  • GreenLake for Hyper Converged Infrastructures, designed for managing virtual machine and hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • GreenLake for block storage, which uses a cloud operating model for what HPE calls cost-optimized storage in general purpose service tiers
  • GreenLake for compute operations management, mapping a cloud operations layer to all computing devices in an organization for monitoring and management


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