HPE Composable Portfolio

HPE Composable Portfolio

Companies today have more options than ever to rapidly deploy new applications and services, adopt new business models and enter new markets. Much of the pressure to achieve these ambitions rests with IT, which must simultaneously extract greater efficiency and cost savings from the traditional systems and applications that power its business, while providing a foundation for building and deploying rapid new systems. use of mobile, big data and cloud native technologies HPE Composable Portfolio.

HPE Composable Portfolio

HPE Composable Portfolio

The licensed HP Synergy physically brings together compute, storage, and network fabric and aggregates physical and virtual resources in any configuration for any application through a single interface powered by HP OneView. As an extensible platform, it easily enables a wide range of applications and is ideal for customers who want to deploy a scalable hybrid cloud environment and enable continuous DevOps.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Synergy HP License is a composable infrastructure platform that disaggregates compute, storage, and fabric resources and allows them to be provisioned on demand.

At the heart of the platform is Synergy Composer, an integrated management appliance based on HP OneView. HP OneView is a software-defined infrastructure that aggregates and manages Synergy resources, delivering them as flexible pools of resources that can be allocated as needed to meet fluctuating workload demands.

HP OneView combines software-defined intelligence with a pattern-based architecture that enables organizations to quickly provision, provision, update, and optimize resources through a single interface. It eliminates many of the complexities of resource management by treating infrastructure as code, which helps speed up operations while making them easier and faster to run. OneView also provides a standards-based API to access infrastructure elements to support automation, integration, and customization.

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Reduce overprovisioning and CapEx

In today’s typical IT environment, overprovisioning and blocked resources are common – according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the average server overprovisioning rate is between 82 and 88 percent.

HP Synergy’s unique embedded software intelligence, auto-discovery capabilities, and fluid resource pools enable customers to instantly launch infrastructure ready to run physical, virtual, and containerized applications. Through a single interface, customers can combine physical and virtual resources, reducing overprovisioning by up to 60%, resulting in initial savings of up to 17% and ongoing savings of up to 30%.

Deliver applications at the speed of the cloud

Lines of business (LOBs) require their IT departments to provide the necessary infrastructure to develop and deploy new applications faster. HP Synergy provides software-defined templates and boot images so IT can deliver infrastructure ready for any workload at cloud-like speeds.

Traditional infrastructure can take an average of six weeks3 to launch a new mobile application or service. Overloaded with complex processes that require many layers of tools, as well as multi-team collaboration, building the right infrastructure is challenging and time-consuming. HP Synergy leverages a fluid infrastructure pool and rapidly delivers compute, storage, and networking using application-specific templates, enabling consistent infrastructure deployment and updates.

In addition, HP Synergy provides customers with a library of operating environment images where one person can deploy composable infrastructure, streamlining IT service delivery and enabling IT to better respond to the rapidly evolving needs of LOBs.

HP Composable Portfolio

HPE Composable Portfolio

Increase productivity and control

HPE Composable Portfolio to simplify infrastructure deployment for developers, only HP Synergy has a powerful unified API and a growing ecosystem of partners including Arista, Capgemini, Chef, Docker, Microsoft, NVIDIA and VMware. The unified API provides a single interface for discovering, finding, deploying, updating, and diagnosing the composable infrastructure required to test, develop, and run code.

With a single line of code, HPE’s innovative Composable API can fully describe and provision the infrastructure required by applications, eliminating weeks of time-consuming scripting.

Optimizing HP Synergy

The services available for HP Synergy also break new ground, offering one-stop support for the composable ecosystem, pay-as-you-grow capacity, and assistance with infrastructure-as-code automation and optimization. HPE experts stand ready to provide infrastructure strategy and technology training, as well as system commissioning and 24/7 operations to help customers quickly adopt and deliver the benefits of composable infrastructure.

To help customers easily invest in disruptive technology, HPE Financial Services announced HPE Flexible Asset Return for Servers.4 The program can help customers take advantage of unpredictability with a higher level of investment management for new technological implementations. Customers can proactively adapt to changing demands for speed, ease of use, and time commitment, with the ability to turn over a percentage of unused servers within 12 months.

HPE Composable Infrastructure

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has a proven track record of innovation and success in infrastructure. HPE converged infrastructure, software-defined management and hyperconverged systems have consistently proven to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency by eliminating silos and freeing up available compute, storage and network resources.

Based on the knowledge and experience of the HPE company in converged infrastructure, they have designed a new architecture to meet the growing demand for a faster, more open and seamless infrastructure. HPE calls this next-generation composable infrastructure in two ways. It is designed around three fundamental principles:

Composable Portfolio

HPE Composable Portfolio

  • Fluid resource pools effortlessly meet the evolving needs of any application by enabling the assembly and reassembly of individual blocks of disaggregated compute, storage, and fabric infrastructure.
  • Software-defined intelligence provides a single management interface to integrate operational silos and eliminate complexity. Workload models speed up deployment and smooth changes avoid unnecessary downtime.
  • The unified API provides a single interface to discover, search, inventory, configure, deploy, update, and diagnose composable infrastructure. A single line of code allows for full infrastructure programmability and can provide the required infrastructure for an application.

This new class of two-mode unified infrastructure facilitates the move to a continuous service and application delivery model, allowing applications to be updated as needed rather than once or twice a year.

The Modular infrastructure allows him to work as a cloud supplier for business lines and the vast company. Maximizes the speed, agility and efficiency of the basic infrastructures and activities to constantly satisfy SLA and offer the predictable performance necessary to support the burden of basic work, both today and tomorrow.

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