HP ProLiant DL Servers

HP DL Servers

HP is one of the largest server manufacturers in the world, which has designed and marketed various models such as DL, ML, BL, etc. based on the needs of users. The biggest difference in the HP server series is how it is installed and set up. However, each server model has its own unique advantages, disadvantages, and services, and when purchasing each of these servers, you should consider its cost, space, cabling, management, and maintenance. In this article, we are going to fully review the licensed HP ProLiant DL Servers series server or the HP rackmount server series.

HP ProLiant DL Servers _ HP LIcense

HP ProLiant DL Servers

What is the HP ProLiant DL Servers series server?

If you have space and space to put a shelf and a so-called rack, the licensed HP DL series server is right for you. The licensed HP ProLiant DL Servers, which stands for HP Density Line, refers to servers that are placed inside the rack. A rack is a container that is similar to a shelf, and the server is placed inside the rack using a rail and screws. The rack has the ability to install multiple servers.

A rack server or any server that specifically needs to be placed in a rack for installation can be classified as a rack mount server. HP Rack Server is a general-purpose system that can be configured based on user needs and support a wide range of applications. The height or amount of space that rack units may occupy varies depending on the performance you expect from the system.
The type of placement of the DL series server in the rack is horizontal, which makes more flexibility and better management available to users.

HP ProLiant DL servers are available in U1 rack, U2 rack, and U4 rack sizes, with 1-unit rack servers being slimmer and having the lowest performance and scalability compared to their U4 counterparts.
However, the licensed HP DL server is designed so that users can place the largest number of servers in the smallest possible space. Because they provide the best and maximum performance in storage and calculation, they will be an ideal choice for data centers.

Buying Guide for HP DL Server Series (Rackmount)

To buy a HP DL Server Series, you should consider the amount of budget, space, equipment and facilities you need. A DL server, also known as a sleeper server (because of its rack-mount form factor), is usually an ideal choice for medium to large businesses because of its modularity.
The DL server has the ability to increase the capacity and volume of various components such as processor and RAM, to the extent that you can install several CPUs and RAMs on the server based on the needs and power of the motherboard.

HP DL series servers are one of the best-selling servers, which, in addition, can have the best efficiency in the smallest space. It will be suitable for users who work in highly efficient, networking, low-risk email, networking, messaging solution and virtualization environments.

Advantages of using DL Server (Rackmount)

As we said, the HP ProLiant DL Servers Series series is very suitable for small spaces. But this is not the only advantage of this server model, but other advantages of purchasing DL Server (Rackmount) include the following:

  •  Support for disk memory and high I/O
  •  Ability to serve in high volumes and capacities
  •  Cost-effective with easy and convenient configuration
  •  Equipped with iLO technology and remote management capability
  •  High speed in data processing and optimization of combined IT loads
  •  Service and repair of defective parts without shutting down the server
  •  Management of multiple processing resources through a controller circuit
  •  Compatibility of the licensed HP DL servers with other companies’ hardware
  •  The ability to configure based on the needs of users and advanced equipment
  •  Compatibility and flexibility with all kinds of network equipment and software
HP ProLiant DL Servers _ HP Server

HP ProLiant DL Servers

Types of Rackmount DL servers

In order to meet any need, the licensed HP DL Server Series series has been launched in various models, which can be mentioned as the most popular and best-selling models such as the DL100 series, DL300 series, DL500 series, DL700 series and DL900 series.

For more information about HP License, click.

HP Server ProLiant DL180 G6

  •  DL180 G6 is very suitable for developing small and medium organizations.
  •  A complete, powerful, flexible combination of a server with fast processing power and high data storage volume.
  •  In this device, the ability to support 460W, 750W and 1200W power supplies with 94% working power is also considered.
  •  DL180 G6 is an economical rack mount server that provides you with many features. This server has two XEON 5600 series processors
  •  With the ability to support 12 SATA/SAS hard disks, it will provide more internal space to the user and in addition, it will meet all your IT needs.
  •  With the DL180 G6 in hand, you have a powerful and optimal server at your disposal that has both high speed and enough STORAGE space in the network.

HP Server ProLiant DL380p

With the production of this category of HP servers, a combination of server and storage device has been produced to somehow meet the needs of people who want to use this device as a database server.
This server can support E5-2600 and E5-2600 v2 series processors, which have 80% higher performance than the previous generation. Also, the ability to upgrade the server’s RAM up to 768GB (twice the previous generation) and support 25 SFF hard drives has significantly increased the capacity of internal hard drives.

Having a 10G network port, increasing ILO speed up to 200% is one of the unique features of this server. In the next look at this server, using the P420 controller with FBWC flashback modules will increase the speed, power, and protection of your data for you.

  •  Device health monitoring 24/7
  •  Support for high quality Energy Star series power supplies
  •  The ability to support network cards with a transmission speed of 20G and 40G when the technology reaches the belief of this development!!!
  •  Benefiting from a special fan and cooling system using completely smart sensors that will have the lowest energy consumption are among the features of this device.

HP ProLiant DL320 Gen11

The HP ProLiant DL320 Gen11 server is a 1U-1P solution that offers exceptional computing performance, high-speed data transfer rates, and increased maximum memory capacity and bandwidth in an economical 1P. The HP ProLiant DL320 Gen11 server is equipped with 4th generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processors with up to 32 cores and 270 watts. In this server, the memory capacity can be increased (up to 2 TB 4800 MT/s) and it also has a high-speed PCIe Gen5 port.

The HP ProLiant DL320 Gen11 server can be considered a low-cost high-speed server.
The HP ProLiant DL320 Gen11 server is an excellent choice for virtualized workloads such as software-defined computing, CDN, VDI, and VDI, and applications that require balancing CPU, memory, and network bandwidth.

HP ProLiant DL320 Gen11 key features


  •  Equipped with 4th generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processors that support up to 32 cores with 270W power and 16 DDR5 memory DIMM slots up to 4800 MT/s.
  •  Equipped with 16 DIMM slots per processor for up to 2 TB of DDR5 memory for increased bandwidth and memory performance that requires less power.
  •  It has a higher data transfer speed and network speed due to the use of the fifth generation PCIe port, with a maximum of 2×16 PCIe Gen5 and 1 OCP3.0 slot.
  •  It features the new HPE Integrated Lights-Out 6 (iLO 6) server management software that allows you to securely configure, monitor and update HP ProLiant DL Gen11 servers.
  •  Supports hot-plug or built-in RAID1 NVMe M.2 boot options with high availability.
  • HP ProLiant DL Servers _ HP LIcense

    HP ProLiant DL Servers

HP ProLiant DL580 G7

  • Support up to 2TB of DDR3 RAM, plenty of communication slots
  •  The best choice for virtualization applications and critical applications in advanced networks.
  •  An advanced server with support for 4 processors with the latest technology, powerful, stable, reliable and flexible.
  •  Very high data reliability capacity, reduction of energy consumption and reduction of unexpected downtime by 77% are the special features of this powerful and unrivaled server.
  •  This server supports E7 series CPUs with 10 core power. The high performance level by the Intel Xeon E7-4800 series processors, faster memory access, higher network bandwidth and I/O give the DL580 G7 the ability to be very suitable for critical and critical applications as well as high workloads.

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