HP compute solutions

HP compute solutions

Workload-optimized compute solutions offered as a service will hasten your digital transformation. To realize the potential of digital transformation, modernize your edge-to-hybrid cloud IT estate. Support new business opportunities with intelligent, workload-optimized compute systems and solutions that are more flexible, boost operational efficiency, and accelerate your chances to innovate.

HPE compute solutions

HP compute solutions

A revolutionary method of managing and computing that accelerates speed and simplicity from the edge to the cloud by automating complicated operations. Utilizing insights on health and performance, predict and prevent issues to enable quicker problem resolution and better business outcomes.

Utilize high performance solutions to scale up or scale out, on-premises or in the cloud, with specially designed infrastructure and software that reduces the time it takes for HPC, AI, and analytics to be adopted and rapidly scaled. Utilize cutting-edge supercomputer technologies that are also offered as a service by HP Simplivity to solve your most challenging issues faster.

HP Integrity Servers

UNIX operating system and tools that are tightly integrated and provide the highest levels of availability, dependability, and security on mission-critical HP Integrity servers.

Create The Best Mission-Critical UNIX Environment possible.

Utilize a highly integrated UNIX operating system with tools that provide the highest level of security, availability, and reliability on mission-critical HP Integrity servers to streamline your operations. On mission-critical HP Integrity servers, HP-UX is pre-integrated and provides you with a dynamic, secure, and unified environment.

Full Potential of HP-UX.

On mission-critical HP Integrity servers, UNIX operating systems and tools with high levels of integration provide the highest levels of security, availability, and reliability.

System administration

With single-view management tools that cover the entirety of your installation, you can streamline manageability, deliver uninterrupted computing excellence, and enjoy peace of mind.

Performance-enhancing tools

Use our feature-rich application development environment, which is accessible through open source or partners, to create, edit, debug, and deploy your own applications for crucial workloads.

Solutions for networking, migration, and the internet

A flexible TCP/IP stack implementation that can simultaneously support IP protocol versions 4 and 6 forms the basis of HP-UX 11i networking. Utilizing our tried-and-true migration frameworks, tools, and methodologies, you can also migrate your crucial workloads to the newest systems with minimal risk.

Business continuity

To keep your company on track, safeguard its most important applications and services. When planned or unplanned downtime occurs in demanding HP-UX environments, HP Serviceguard addresses the financial, business, and operational effects.


Utilize your IT resources effectively to respond quickly to business needs and cut costs. The HP Integrity servers running HP-UX benefit from workload consolidation and HP UX virtualization. From virtual machines and containers to partitioning, our extensive HP-UX Virtualization portfolio offers a wide range of technologies.


Ensure regulatory compliance while securing your mission-critical data, systems, and identities from internal and external threats. A wide range of security features, all licensed and fully supported by HPE, are included in HP-UX security solutions.

HP Simplivity Server

IT managers can have the agility and economics of the cloud with the control and governance of on-premises IT thanks to the HP SimpliVity. It provides a powerful hyperconverged solution that can power some of the most effective and resilient data centers on the planet. By combining infrastructure and cutting-edge data services for virtualized workloads onto the most popular server platform on the market, this solution significantly simplifies IT.

HP SimpliVity is a small solution designed for edge and ROBO environments, and it is available on HP Apollo servers. The efficiency, management, protection, and performance of virtualized workloads can be dramatically improved with this system at a fraction of the cost and complexity of the current traditional infrastructure stack. It also offers a full set of advanced functionalities.

HP Simplivity Server Key Features

Superior user experience

High performance is possible even at high user density thanks to the HP SimpliVIty. It provides an exceptional user experience through unmatched client virtualization performance, reducing the performance impact of client login storms.

The HP SimpliVity brings hyperconvergence to the edge. In environments with limited space, the small form factor is perfect for virtualized workloads.

Linear Scalability from Pilot to Production

The HP SimpliVity offers a scale-out architecture that lowers initial capital costs and closely aligns investments with business requirements.

Provides an enormously scalable pool of shared resources by allowing building blocks to be added incrementally.

HPE compute solutions

HP compute solutions

Enterprise-grade Data Protection

The HP SimpliVity includes integrated backup and disaster recovery features for managing workloads and the entire client virtualization infrastructure.

The solution enables resilient, highly available desktop operations and the capacity to withstand node failures with no loss of desktops and a minimal increase in latency.

For more information about HP SimpliVity , click.

Using HP SimpliVity RapidDR, automate disaster recovery

By automating the process, HP SimpliVity RapidDR streamlines and speeds up off-site DR. By reducing recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) from days or hours to minutes, the solution enhances the built-in data efficiency of HP SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure.

HP Synergy Servers

To match the potent “infrastructure-as-code” capabilities of the HP intelligent software architecture, HP Synergy 12000 Frames are specially designed as Composable Infrastructure (CI). Resource use and repurposing are made possible by flexible access to compute, storage, and fabric resources. With a dedicated single view of the entire management network, linking multiple HP Synergy Frames effectively scales the infrastructure.

In order to effectively deliver resources to the business, multiple composable domains can be created in the infrastructure. In order to speed up workload deployments, HP Synergy Frames use intelligent auto-discovery to find all available resources, which reduces complexity. As the business expands, this promotes IT efficiency and delivers balanced performance across resources to boost solution efficacy.

  • Supports HPE 660 Gen10 Compute Modules and HP Synergy 480 Compute Modules.
  • For setting up HP Synergy, a guided installation experience is available.
  • Adds 2650W HVDC hot plug power supplies as a possible option for the infrastructure.
  • To comply with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), products are now being offered.

Accelerate the delivery of services and applications

Auto-discovery is offered by the HP Synergy Frame for quick deployments. To suit your workload requirements, you can also custom-fit a variety of compute, storage, and fabric components in a number of configurations thanks to the flexible design.

A straightforward, step-by-step guided process and the clever HP Synergy Frame design speed up setup, debugging, and inventory checks during hardware installations. Additionally, a restricted-access mode directs technicians to fix installation mistakes.

When using next-generation, mobile-first, cloud-native applications as well as today’s data-intensive applications, high infrastructure bandwidth (over 16 Tb/s) is beneficial. In order to ensure extremely reliable operation, the design also makes use of a true passive mid-plane. And photonics are prepared!

HPE compute solutions

HP compute solutions

Work More Efficiently

By automatically reporting resources, installation details, and the system or domain’s health status, the HP Synergy Frame keeps track of operations status. The HP Synergy Composer management appliance, which is powered by HP OneView, updates status using HPE Frame Link Modules.

A dedicated data network (separate from the management network) with redundant path configurations is used to securely handle updates from a tested release set of component software. For added security and control, HP Synergy out-of-band management offers a dedicated 10Gbps bandwidth.

The HP Synergy Frame can be used in data centers that use AC or DC power. The HP Synergy Frame’s 10U form factor is also compatible with most common racks and connects to industry-standard power feeds for quick and simple installation.

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